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By Adrian Cruce

Simple Cheap Ways To Increase Your Closet Storage Space

Most homes out there end up with lacks in closet storage space as people buy new clothes/items and nothing is thrown out. In many cases people believe that they need a new closet but that is not always the case. There are different budget friendly solutions that you can look out for, options that are applicable in almost all closets. You will want to consider the following.

Tossing Out The Junk

There is a pretty good possibility that there are various items in your closet that you do not use at the moment and that you simply store there. They do not necessarily need to be present in your main closet. At the same time, people normally have a lot of junk in their closets, items that were bought as an impulse or that are now worn out. Organizing the content of your closet is the easiest way to free up space. Figure out exactly what you want to toss and what you actually want to keep.

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Using Your Door For Extra Storage Space

The door is normally not used and it actually manages to offer so much storage space. There are plastic bins you can easily hang on the door so that you can fill them with socks, underwear, jewelry, watches, socks and even shoes. If the square footage is really short, you can even use the front part of the door, not just the back door. Just add hooks for bathrobes and coats.

Look For Different Storage Spaces

If there are items that do not necessarily need to be kept inside the closet, you can look for other storage locations for them. For instance, if you store books or movies in your closet, there is a pretty good possibility that you can relocate them. Alternatively, if there are scarves that simply take up too much space, you can put them on a wall, effectively doubling them as wall art. Heavy coats can be put in the hallway on your coat rack and the jewelry can be kept in the dresser.

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Add Furniture To Your Closet

Most people do not actually think about this fact because furniture is usually really bulky. However, in many cases you can gain so much extra storage space. For instance, you can add an old dresser inside the closet. Items that you would end up hanging can be put in the dresser. Alternatively, adding rack space would bring in so much free storage space that can be used.

Adding One Extra Level

Most closets just have 1 hanging rod. You can automatically get a new adjustable rod and add it behind or above the one that already exists. Since most people just use 20% of the wardrobe on a consistent basis, you can so easily focus on the first rod as storage for them.