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How To Properly Move Electronics Without Breaking Them

When people move delicate antiques or even family photos, they are very attentive. With electronics, much less care is used. While it is completely true that game consoles, printers, computers, and many other electronics have some rugged plastic cases that protect them, this is not enough during the moving process.

When moving electronics, a simple careless drop done by the mover can lead to damage. This is close to inevitable. Also, when electronics are put into storage, they can be affected by dust, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures. All of these lead to havoc because of sensitive components.

According to Mitchell Wekey, more electronics are damaged during moving than any other product category. With this in mind, here are some actionable tips that will help you to protect them, regardless of where you move them to.

Always Make A Backup

When referring to a computer, you need to always make a backup of absolutely all files and data. Even if the system does not suffer damage and is properly protected, a single drop during the move can lead to a catastrophic failure. Your computer will simply become paperweight. Protect your data by backing it up as often as possible, but especially before moving.

Remove All Batteries

If electronics use batteries of any kind, including those in laptops, remove them. This includes everything from accessories to remotes. We say this because battery corrosion is a very common thing that would easily wreck electronic components.

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Remove Loose Media

When we move a computer, we normally remember to take out DVDs. However, when it comes to other loose media types, like the cartridges inside a gaming console, we forget. Remember that older media will eventually deform when left inside the machine. So, if the move takes a long time, it is better to remove them all.

Remove Accessories And Wires

Remove all computer peripherals for storing and moving. You might think that you save time when you leave all accessories connected but the truth is that the prolonged metal-to-metal contact will cause huge problems. This is especially the case when electronics are transported or stored without the use of climate control.

Try To Use Original Packaging

It is always a very good idea to use original packaging when you transport electronics. This is because they include pre-shaped pieces made out of foam and exact custom inserts. This helps keep items from shifting as shipping happens. They are just perfect for storage and packing.

We can also highlight the fact that original boxes will help maintain resale value. This is very important when moving items that are collectible.

Carefully Pick An Appropriate Moving Box

When the original packaging is not available, you need to be careful as you choose another box to move electronics. Boxes have to be larger enough to properly hold the item while also having some free space to add Styrofoam packing peanuts (should be added on all sides).

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Remember that a minimum of 2 inches is needed on all sides. Popcorn and starch-based peanuts are perfect for a shorter move. However, when shipping overseas, go for synthetics as they last longer.

Protect Fans From Dust

Always wrap electronics like TV sets and computers with bubble wrap or at least towels. Then, tape some paper over the vents and fans in order to prevent the ill effects of dust inside item cases.

As an extra tip, you should also use silica gel whenever possible. Add this to your moving box in order to absorb the excess moisture present. This removes the possibility that corrosion will appear.

Be Extremely Careful With How You Store Electronics

If electronics have to be stored anywhere during the move, make sure that you choose an environment that is climate-controlled. All electronic equipment is sensitive to extremes:

  • Cold – Will cause metal contraction and will weaken soldered components. LCDs and liquid crystal displays can end up freezing.
  • Heat – Will damage electronics because metal expands and puts too much stress on the soldered connections. Also, more moisture is held.

Final Thoughts

Always take your time in order to properly pack all electronics that you have to move. It is not that easy to do as it seems at first glance. Whenever you cannot do it right, contact a specialist to help you out.