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House Removals and Self Storage

Moving house is one of the biggest events you could go through in your lifetime. It’s a life-changing experience that can lead to many new opportunities for you and your family. However, it’s not easy to plan the move to the last detail and ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the moving process. Once they start sorting out their possessions and packing, most people find out that they actually have more than they had imagined. Old items and collectables can be a big problem – packing and moving just about every item you own is definitely not cheap or easy. That’s why, a house move is a time to consider what to keep and what to throw away, sell or donate. However, there is one more option, which has become quite popular in recent years – it’s called self storage and it’s extremely useful when you have plenty of items you don’t want to part with, yet cannot keep in your future home for obvious reasons.
Self storage is the perfect option for keeping your belongings safe while you move house and then deciding what to do with them, once you are settled down and actually have the time for it. Temporary storage is safe and affordable these days and it will reduce the stress from the house move considerably.

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More about self storage

Self Storage
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Self storage is a great way to move on a short notice as well. If you have to pack and go suddenly because of a job opportunity, for example, then storage might be your only option. It is also the perfect way to store your NW6 boxes while between houses. Ensure that your belongings are packed well – in cardboard moving boxes, taped and labeled properly. Place the boxes one over the other, putting the heaviest on the bottom. Companies that specialize in self storage service can also offer full-packing services and transporting your items to the storage unit for you. It will save you time and efforts to do that yourself.

Most self storage services can be rented both short term and long term, depending on your preferences. Keep in mind that you need to pay the rent fee every month, so you don’t end up losing your belongings. Some house removals companies offer self storage service as part of their core services. Write down a list of the items you’d like to store and determine how much space you will need. Don’t store perishable items or hazardous and flammable ones, especially if you haven’t listed them in the inventory. Talk to the storage agent to ensure that you know what the restrictions for the goods are.

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The company should provide a dolly or another vehicle upon your arrival at the storage facility. The other option is to leave all your boxes with them for an extra fee.