How To Save Money When Dealing With Large Rugs


By Home master

How To Save Money When Dealing With Large Rugs

There are so many situations in which you need a really large rug in a room and you simply cannot afford to pay the $200 price tag for something of a really high quality. If you are looking for an option that is sizable for the space you have and that is completely budget friendly, you will want to think about the following piece of advice.

The idea is to basically enlarge what you have while not spending a lot of money and using materials that are good. Many articles will recommend the use of duct tape but you do want to use single sided no iron carpet tape as it properly reinforces everything you are going to do. Many of the carpet tapes you find in stores are double sided.

For this DIY project you will need a number of rugs that you can combine in order to get the size that you want and the carpet tape we mentioned. You start by laying out the rugs with the back side up. Most of the rugs are going to be a little curled when rolled up for a long period of time. In this case, you want to allow the rug time to get flatten out. The trick is to align the rugs perfectly.

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Join your rugs along their seam, where the tape should be added. It is possible to have one rug that is longer than the other one. Most people will use two identical rugs with a pattern. Just work up and down until the patterns match perfectly.

Force seams together and make sure that this is as tight as it can be. Helpers can make sure that sides are tightly pressed as you are going to tape but if the size is not too large, you can do this in a solo project. Lay down your tape and do it in short lengths. Join seams as you keep going.

Remove tape backing and press on it firmly. Remember that carpet tape is quite sticky but you will not have problems removing it. Do the entire length of your rug and cut off all excess that appears.

The next step is basically flipping everything and then mash your seam with the use of the feet. You just got a new large rug that would look great inside your larger room. The great thing about it is that you can save so much with this project. For instance, a smaller rug is around $30. Use two and you pay $60 instead of $200.

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