Top 5 Favorite Perennial Flowers For Enthusiastic Gardeners


By Adrian Cruce

Top 5 Favorite Perennial Flowers For Enthusiastic Gardeners

Gardeners that simply do not know much about this activity will want flowers that are beautiful and not that hard to maintain. The perennial flowers perfectly fit this description as they have beautiful foliage and do live for a long time while not bringing in too much fuss when taking care of them, offering plants every single year. Most of them have to be planted when the temperature is cooler in order to have a really healthy start.

We are faced with a huge possible variety of perennial flowers that you can plant in your garden. We chose some that are really popular. However, you should seriously consider others since you never know which one you will actually love the most.

Alstroemeria – Peruvian lily

Peruvian lily

This is an evergreen hybrid perennial plant, one with flowers that have dark flecks on a purple background. They are perfect in bouquets and the special aurea version will have blooms that come in orange and yellow shades. The plant grows as high as 3 feet and flowers will appear as long as the soil is not too hot.

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Aster X Frikartii

Aster X Frikartii

The flowers do look really delicate but the plant is so tough, being able to tolerate almost all soil types available in gardens. The Monch version is going to grow as high as 2 feet and the lavender flowers are of around 2 and a half inches, blooming almost the entire year. However, those that are spent have to be removed. You may want to consider the Wonder Of Staffa version as it is particularly beautiful.

Napeta X Faassenii – Catmint


You may have heard about catmint till now but did you know how beautiful its flowers are? If you plant these in your garden, you will end up with silvery-green mounts that have lavender-blue flowers during early summer and late spring. When the blossoms will fade, you will need to sheer the plants by around half or simply cut the flower stems that are faded. This will encourage reblooming. The plants will go as high as 1 foot tall.

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Echinacea – Coneflower


Echinacea is really popular because of its medicinal properties but gardeners are aware of the fact that the flower is also beautiful. At the same time, the plant is really tough. You will want the Ruby Star version and the plant will grow up to 2 feet, with flowers that have 4 inches across. If you want to have a hybrid that is particularly beautiful, do consider the Orange Meadowbrite or the Sunrise, with Sundown being popular among many.

Coreopsis – Mango Punch


A mounding, low perennial will be covered during the summer with flowers of a mango-orange color, this given the popular name of the plant. Flowers have a red blush and all you really need to do is clip those blooms that are faded in order to keep the flowers coming.