Increase Your Home's value With These Cheap Fixes

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Increase Your Home’s value With These Cheap Fixes

Increasing home value is something that all people think about when they want to sell it or when a mortgage request is on the horizon. Many of the things that would have to be done would not be cheap. In so many situations increasing home value is not possible because of that but the truth is there are so many things that can be done in order to increase property value that would not break the bank. Check out the following recommendations that are very cheap fixes normally available for all property owners.

Make Sure The Kitchen Cooks

One of the most important parts of the homes for the buyers is the kitchen. This room will always be analyzed by the potential buyer. That is why you want to be sure that this room is clean and as updated as possible. For an investment of just a few hundreds of dollars it is possible to replace faucet sets, update the older light fixtures and add brand new door handles for the cabinets. When the budget is a little larger, be sure you consider cabinet makeovers.

Appliance Facelift

Kitchen appliances that do not match are not at all appealing. In this case you want to seriously consider face panels or brand new doors. It is quite common to see that new kitchen appliances bought as time passes are not at all matching what was initially installed, usually due to budget constraints. Be sure that you always think about this and that you seriously consider the face panels since they are really cheaper than what many expect. This is actually one of the most common recommendations made by professionals to increase home value with a limited budget.

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Simple Changes In The Bathroom

For most home buyers the bathroom is the second most important room of a home so pretty small improvements can easily lead to a good increase in value. Something very simple like a brand new seat for the toilet or adding a pedestal sink will make a huge difference. Homeowners basically have to look for something that is cheap and easy to install without professional help. An extra really good suggestion is to add some vinyl tiles on the floor if it is discolored and old.

Increase Storage

This is particularly useful for the older homes since closet space was not actually seen as important as it is for the modern homeowner. Cramped storage areas do reduce value and a very simple solution is to add laminate or wire closet systems that are installed with DIY projects in pantries, entry closets and bedrooms. It is very easy for the closets to be updated as a simple and fast weekend project.

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Update Carpeting

One of the really cheap investments you can make is to call a professional carpet cleaning company. They work really well when you have rugs that are in a proper shape and that are of neutral colors. When you have a carpet that has too much wear you want to cover it with the use of strategic area rugs that are cheap and that make everything look better. While replacing all carpeting is something that is rarely necessary, simple minor changes can make a huge difference.

Improving Light Features

When boring recessed lights are present in living rooms and dining rooms you want to seriously consider a chandelier or basically some better options that are more modern. In home stores you can easily find some ceiling fixtures that are very cheap and look nice. Ceiling lights and fans can be present in the home. In this case you want to consider other changes, like replacing the fan blades.