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Inexpensive Ideas To Freshen Up Your Decor

Decoration is essential and every item that we introduce in a room from wall paper, furniture, vases, to wall canvas etc. is all for the purpose of enhancing the room’s outlook and beauty. It’s very possible to get tired of viewing the same setting and items over and over again but it can be very expensive to remodel or change objects thus here are some easy and cheap ideas to add a new look to your rooms.

Add Plants

Plants are a very successful way to bring about freshness and filter away any pollutants. There is a variety of plants available thus you have many choices and changing the plant type often will actually result in a new effect to your decor. Money plants and spider plants are ever green and easy to take care of but numerous others can be kept indoors just do your research. You can keep small plots in a line or as centre pieces while a large pot can cover up a corner.

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Rearrange the Furniture

Instead of replacing furniture try rearranging the furniture setting in a room. a couch does not have to be aligned against a wall but it can be placed in a corner with maybe a tall plant behind it or it can be in the middle of the room. changing the direction of the bed may result in the sunlight falling over it differently which could be more refreshing, similarly wall art such as personalised canvas prints can be shifted from one wall to another or be arranged in a different position such as staggered.


Knotty Walnut Natural
By Boa-Franc under CC BY 2.0


Make your entrance striking

Ever heard the term ‘first impression is the last impression’? Think not only applies for your guests but also for you, each time your enter your home you should feel as if this is your haven; it should give you a feeling of peace. You can achieve this by keeping fresh flowers, adding a large decorative mirror which will make the space appear large and it would be nice to check your appearance each time you enter or leave. A rug in a cute print is also a great idea while paint and wall paper strips can be used to decorate the walls.

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Use of Paint

Paint is an excellent element and not very expensive either plus there is so much you can do with it. An old piece of furniture can revamped by giving it a coat of paint, flaws can be hidden away and a new fresh look can be provided with a new colour,  moreover high gloss option allow for shine to be added. Paint can also be used only on mouldings to play up architectural effects while a lot can be done on the walls from a new bright colour to stencilling etc. Paint perform important role for home decorating purpose. Paint should be high quality and put on wall with best technique for decorating walls and over all home front ends.

By Petar Dzhingarov