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Linen Designs for Interior Home Decoration

Our homes can reflect our lifestyle and personality thus the choices of home furnish is very important. However, some things such as linen cushions, throws, pillows, curtains, rugs, and bed linen make the home stylish and lovable. Linen is a fabric that is manufactured from fibers of flax plant and is among the widely used textiles. Linen cloth is also widely used by cloth designers and interior home designers to decorate homes. This fabric is amazing because it can be used in very many ways. How you can use linen designs at your home? In this case, we will look at where and how we can use linen in our homes for decoration purposes.

Lined Designs Tips

In the bedroom

Linen can be used to manufacture bedroom sheets, bed-covers, pillows, and throws among others. It is actually used to make bed sheets in different linen designs  because its absorbance that allows this fabric to absorb moisture released by the body. Linen is also an insulator thus very convenient to be used on the bed and especially during winter. It is usually very comfortable in cold areas. Linen is a durable fabric thus good for bedding since it can be used for a very long time. Linen becomes softer with time therefore; it causes a soothing effect on your body making it very comfortable when used on the bed. You can also use linen curtains and rugs to decorate your bedroom to have the homely feel.

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Linen Designs
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In the living room

It is mostly used to decorate cushions, throws, make table clothes, and curtains among others. The fact that linen is very easy to clean makes it convenient for use as table clothes and can therefore be used on the dining table. It is pleasing to the eye, soft, and crisp and can match with the theme of your home easily. This fabric gives your living room a luxurious and trendy look and displays sophistication.


In the kitchen

Linen has an absorbent nature that makes it convenient for use in the kitchen. It can be used to wipe utensils in the kitchen and as a kitchen rug among others. You can also use it as curtain on the kitchen window.


Advantages of linen

Linen has very many advantages over other fabrics and they include the following:

Linen is a durable fabric. It actually is three times more durable than cotton and thus preferred to cotton.
It is easy to clean making it easy to wash when dirty or stained.
It comes in a variety of colors, patterns, designs, and texture thus it can be used for interior design because it can easily blend with the theme of your home.
It is easy to die as its absorbance allows it to easily absorb the die.
It is resistant to insects and other organisms thus convenient for use as bedding. Its texture naturally resists organisms like bedbugs among others.


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In conclusion, it is appropriate to therefore use linen for interior home decoration. It has many advantages and can be used in very many ways in the home thus making it convenient for home decoration. There are also many linen designs thus it is upon you to choose the most convenient for you.

By Biljana Dimovska