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How To Install A Ceiling Fan Alone

Ceiling fans are useful during both winter and summer. It helps in saving money on utility bills and if you install the ceiling fan alone, you will notice that the entire investment becomes cheap. Out of all the cheap home improvements possible, this is one that is rarely considered.

Ceiling fans were quite complicated to install in the past. This was usually because of the fact that the hanging systems did not actually exist. Now we have really strong ceiling boxes and most of the modern models already include really easy to use installation features.

The really good news is that the project should only take around one day or less. The actual work is around 2 hours. You will just need a screwdriver, hammer, nut driver and wire strapper. The wires that were used in the past to feed a light fixture will be adequate. If the wiring arrangement is different than what we highlight or if you have no electrical experience, an electrician should be consulted.

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installing ceiling fans

Height Requirements

The fan blades usually need to be at around 7 feet over the floor. Most of the motor and fan assemblies are 12 inches so a standard 8 feet ceiling should be enough to offer proper clearance. The angled ceilings will require the installation of downrods that lower fan blades and motors. The sloped surface has to be cleared. It is a good idea to have as much space as possible available between fan and ceiling since this allows drawing in as much air as possible.

Installing Fan Brace

Make sure the power is off when you remove the past light fixture. The electrical box that exists can be knocked out of the framing with the use of a hammer. You will need to install the fan brace that is designed to hold the ceiling fans. There are not many conventional boxes that can hold the ceiling fan so you will need to add a brand new one. Buying a professional fan brace is always a good idea.

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Nails are usually used to fasten electrical boxes. You have to take them out. As you free cables, leave them out. Pull the cables and slip the fan brace, secure it thanks to brace instructions and connect the different wires.

Installing The New Box

The existing wire can be fed through cable clamps to new metal boxes. Tighten nuts in order to clamp boxes to shafts with the use of a nut driver. Crimp loops of grounding wires and then tighten screws. The next step is simply mounting the new box.

Assembling The Fan

Motors have to be placed side up. Insert downrods into mountain collars. The fan will always include assembly instructions. This is where you have to follow them to assemble and placed the fan. Special attention has to be put on connecting wirings. You just have to connect neutrals, blue and black wires and you are done. Follow the last instructions and you have a new ceiling fan installed fast and cheap.