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Asphalt Driveway Alternatives You May Want To Consider

The most common option chosen by home owners is asphalt for their driveways. This is mainly due to commodity. The problem is that we see a clear move towards a greener life approach, with so many considering alternatives to asphalt due to costs or a wish to protect nature.

Asphalt is obviously a great option as it is completely impermeable to water. If a rainstorm happens, water will run off of it, together with detritus or chemical residues. The problem is that you can easily end up with the waterways being affected by the chemicals you use when cleaning your asphalt driveway.

The best option for the environment is a driveway that will allow the rainwater to get inside the soil under it. When you need a brand new driveway, you have to consider absolutely all the options. One solution you will, most likely consider, is surfacing your driveway with the used of crushed bluestones or loose gravel. However, other opportunities are available.

Grass Paving Grids

Grass Paving Grids

You can lay down a set of modular grids that are made out of plastic that is recycled. The grids can be filled with soil and you can fill then fill them with gravel or plant grass. No matter what option you choose, in this case, rainwater will soak straight into the ground.

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Permeable Pavers

Permeable Pavers

Interlocking permeable pavers that are made out of concrete are quite interesting. This will allow the water to soak through joints found between them, going straight into the ground. Pavers will be set on a small gravel base that is put on a 12 inch layer of large gravel. Water will pass through gravel and the impurities are naturally filtered out. Pavers can easily be found in various styles or colors. Remember that the pavers can reduce the water runoff. However, this can lead to a process that is similar to the creation of cement, leading to environmental concerns.

Glass Pavement – Recycled

Glass Pavement – Recycled

This is most likely the best possible option. Pavement made out of recycled glass bottles will be suitable for the eco-friendly individual because the glass would end up in a landfill. One pavement square foot is made out of around 80 plastic bottles.

You will particularly love the fact that recycled glass pavement is very attractive. It will come in various shades and can catch sunlight. We have to realize that this option is quite sound from a structural point of view, with water passing through it. A nontoxic binder will be utilized in order to keep glass bits together.

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One thing that you may want to know is that this type of pavement will be able to hold and capture transmission fluid and oil that leak from cars. This is something that helps protect nature much more than the alternatives, especially more than asphalt.

Always consider all the options that are available as you construct a new driveway. Since you can also protect nature, there is practically no real reason why you should not do this.