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Laundry Mistakes You Most Likely Make

Doing laundry is easy, right? You surely cannot do anything wrong. After all, you just have to put dirty clothes inside your laundry machine, add detergent and bleach and you are done. Well, this is not actually the case. The truth is that most homes see an improper use of various laundry machines and there are many mistakes that people regularly make when doing their own laundry.

We will discuss some of the really common mistakes so that you do not make them in the future, even if you most likely already do them with every single laundry load.

laundry mistakes

Too Much Stain Rubbing

When you rub the stain too much, the fabric can be damaged and the stain can actually become worse. Instead of doing this, try to be methodical and gentle. The strain has to be treated as soon as possible. If only some time passes, there is a higher chance of success. Use a white cloth in order to avoid color transfer. Instead of rubbing, dub! Work from the outside so that the stain can be contained.

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Using Too Much Detergent

Many believe that they simply add more detergent and the clothes will surely be cleaned. That is not the case. When you use too much detergent, extra dirt and suds will be pulled from the clothes and then get caught in a region where it won’t be rinsed properly. This actually leads to bacteria buildup. Try to only use as much detergent as necessary. The only situation when that is not the case is when you have really hard water.

Washing Shirts Buttoned Up

It sounds like this is a good idea but that is not the case because buttonholes and buttons end up stressed. Premature poppage is what happens. Make sure that you always unbutton the clothes before you throw then in the washing machine.

Using Too Much Bleach

In most cases you do not need to use bleach to remove protein stains like tears, sweat and blood. Stained socks and tees can easily be washed when you use a large water pot with some lemon slices.

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Washing Machine Is Not Leveled

When this happens, both the machine and the floor can be prematurely damaged. For instance, the tub bearings or the shock absorbers can be damaged, which would lead towards costly repairs. Besides that, the noise is really high. Make sure that you adjust the level by any means necessary.

The Dryer’s Permanent Press

You do not really need this in most cases. One of the really easy ways in which you can improve the possibility you will end up with wrinkle free clothes is to never put too much in. If you will fold the clothes as they are hot, you will be able to get them without creases.