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Most Beautiful Indoor Plants To Consider

Having indoor plants in your home adds natural beautifulness to your interior. Some indoor plants add a great look to your interior decoration but not all indoor plants look great with your interior design. Consider getting these most beautiful indoor plant choices that are very easy to maintain and keep alive.

1. Chinese Money Plants

Chinese indoor money plant has a unique appearance with coin-like leaves straight stems. This plant looks great when placed in a short pot. Chinese money plants require watering at least once a week. They grow well in bright spaces, but it does not require sunlight. It looks great with your interior design.

2. Silver Dollar Plant

If you don’t like watering indoor plants, then the Silver Dollar Plant is the best choice. You just make sure to put this in a container with good drainage. This is a climbing type, so you need to give enough space for it to grow.

3. Jade Plant

Jade Plant is considered a unique plant for indoor decoration. Jade plant has attractive bush-like structure. You can trim it like a bonsai plant. Jade plants grow pink blossoms now and then. Too much sunlight is not good for Jade plants, it will turn red but maintenance is very easy, in fact, no-maintenance plant.

4. Oxalis

Oxalis plant sometimes called false shamrock, this bold color house plant available in color range from crimson to violet. Within few months, you’ll get to see lavender flowers. Oxalis plants require sunlight, so keep them on the windowsill. No maintenance is required.

5. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant is bold green color, tall plant,  gives a great look to any room. Very easy to maintain require very little plant food now and then. In the case of sunlight,  indirect light is enough for ZZ Plant.

6. String of Pearls

This plant is a favorite one for many people for its unique appearance. You need to keep this plant in a hanging basket. The delicate tendrils will overflow the planter. This can also be kept on a pedestal. The string of Pearls plant must be kept out of direct sunlight.

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7. Tillandsia

Tillandsia does not need direct watering, occasional misting is enough. Tillandsia can absorb water from the air. This plant can be kept in hanging pots and in unique positions you want to keep as they don’t have a root system.

8. Donkey Tail Plant

If you are looking for unique plants, then Donkey Tail Plant is one of the very unique indoor plants. It looks exactly like a Donkey Tail. The plant will grow without any fuss but does not grow well in extreme heat. Overall, they prefer direct light with minimal water.

9. Bunny Ear Cactus

The branching shape of an indoor plant is very unique. They are beautiful but their irritating barbs are not good for young children. They’re low-maintenance and look good on a desert-themed decoration.

10. Aloe Vera

A very popular plant, very easy to grow and keep alive. Cactus soil and a bright area, that’s all required to grow Aloe Vera. Any interior decoration can adopt this plant. Aloe Vera plant looks very simple but attractive.

11. Pothos Plant

Pothos plant has the nickname “Devil’s Ivy” as they are impossible to kill. They are the best fit for tall ceilings. The vines will grow very long. The low light area is the best location and you need to water when dries a bit.

12. Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron is a hanging plant. It is another houseplant with true hardiness. Indoor sunlight is enough and you need to keep the soil moistened. Once the Heartleaf plant starts growing, you can gift the cuttings of it to your friends.

13. Chinese Water Bamboo

Chinese Water Bamboo does not any solid to grow, just place it in water and it will grow. You can even add river rocks and shells to match with Chinese Water Bamboo. Looks very attractive on water-based decorative themes.

14. Dragon Tree

Dragon Tree is a tree-like houseplant good for offices and very big halls. It is a very low-maintenance tree. You can let the soil dry and water it after a long time. Indirect sunlight is required with a constant temperature. This plant grows very fast.

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15. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are very easy to grow in indirect sunlight. The beautiful flowers are very amazing to see. It needs reliable drainage. The best option for any home decoration. The flowers are Peace Lily are very attractive in interior decorations.

16. Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese plants provide pineapple-like fruit. Swiss Cheese Plant is a large-leafed plant for a peaceful environment. It adds tropical appeal to the interior design. Very easy to grow with little maintenance.

17. Prayer Plant

The prayer plant is a very colorful plant that suits the interior that needs some colorful plants to add color to the interior decoration. The red-colored veins look very attractive in any interior design. The leaves of the Prayer plant raises in the day and contract in the night, very interesting to watch as the daylight moving dark. The way the leaves fold is the reason why it is called the “Prayer Plant”. They need indirect sunlight and moisture.

18. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig is a hardy tree that grows tall up to 50 feet. It looks lovely indoor tree in very large and tall halls. This plant needs bright indirect light. It needs periodic watering once the soil gets a little drier.

19. Areca Palm

Areca Palm is commonly called “Golden Cane Palm”, looks great with its amazing focal point and height. These plants need indirect sunlight, loamy soil, and a well-drained planter. You must keep the soil wet but need to avoid muddiness.

20 Rubber Plant

Rubber plants need moist solid and indirect sunlight with high humidity. The leaves of this plant are waxy and provide a beautiful presentation. These trees grow quite tall and look amazing with their light-capturing leaves.