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By Adrian Cruce

Patio Landscaping Ideas – Creative Ways to Create Your Own Outdoor Space

After researching patio and deck design ideas, one of your first decisions should be if you plan to make a specific focal point in your patio landscaping for entertaining. A fireplace, outdoor fire pit, seating or dining area can be a great means to bring individuals together on a central point of your patio to enjoy the night or day. Depending on your seating arrangements, perhaps having a small table between the two areas could make for a more intimate setting. Having a fire on one side of the patio will help keep away mosquitoes and other insects that might be attracted to the fire.


One other option for patio landscaping is the pergola. A pergola can be designed to resemble a traditional chimney with an open roof or be designed in a more modern manner. A pergola can also offer the same type of protection from the elements as a fireplace without all of the additional heat and maintenance that a fireplace requires. Having an open pergola on your patio will also allow you to sit outside during the cooler months and enjoy the outdoor space as usual.

Patio landscaping can include a variety of other options for embellishing your patio spaces. One of the most popular and visually appealing is to simply add flowering plants. These flowers can be placed in pots on the pergola or around the outside of the patio furniture. You can find a wide selection of flowering plants, both indoor and outdoor, at most garden centers and retailers.

Outdoor Living Room Furniture

Other patio landscaping ideas focus on using outdoor living room furniture to set a specific mood or create another type of atmosphere. If you are looking for a casual ambiance, perhaps by using lounge chairs and a few coffee tables, you may consider building a raised patio seating area. This type of arrangement would be suited for parties or social events. However, if you prefer a quieter atmosphere, placing comfortable benches beneath some of the taller plants will provide an open feel. For a more tropical look, plant selection of palm trees or ferns will provide a nice centerpiece for the back patio. Larger planting areas can be incorporated into larger patios and large decks as well.

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Depending on your home construction and available space, one of your patio landscaping ideas may include creating walkways in between your patio furniture and the back yard. Creating a covered walkway allows you to shade your walkways in the summer months and still keep the sun out of your eyes. Another option is to build pergolas between your patio furniture and the back yard railing. Pergolas can be adorned with planter boxes and flowers or you can choose a more basic style with just a few plants. Using small flower beds in a pergola will give your patio area the appearance of being larger than it actually is. The key is to have a pleasant and beautiful design that will bring you pride and joy each and every day.

If you like the idea of an enclosed outdoor living space, then concrete patio landscaping may be the perfect solution for you. Concrete blocks are a great and stylish way to define an area. Using a fire pit to define a seating area adds a unique element to this type of patio landscaping design. With so many choices in materials, colors, and forms, using a fire pit can really make your patios individual and special.

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Focal Points

When deciding what type of material would work best for your patio landscaping project, you will first need to decide what focal point you wish to decorate the area with. Attention to detail and the focal point’s size should be determined by determining how much traffic the area will receive. A large open outdoor area may benefit from stone pavers that span several yards. A small area may benefit more from natural grass or small planters. Once you have decided on the focal point of your patio, you can then choose the appropriate designs and materials for each area.

Once you have decided on your focal point, you can then begin to choose the various designs to help define your outdoor space. Large stones and brick patios go well with small tables and chairs, while small round wooden tables are ideal when used to frame a nice-looking tree. A seating area with an umbrella would be perfect for a shady patio, while a grouping of outdoor chairs around a beautiful flower arrangement could provide a nice place for family and friends to hang out. No matter what type of patio landscaping ideas you choose, creating a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space is fun and easy when you remember to have fun!