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Really Handy Plumbing Tips You Should Know

It is completely normal to call the plumber whenever a problem appears. However, many of these problems can be solved with ease. In order to help you save some money, time and even get rid of headaches associated with constantly nagging plumbing problems, here are some really handy plumbing tips that every single person in the world should know. If you take them all into account, you will most likely save around $100 on service calls, maybe more.

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Pipe Insulation Prevents Sprays Snarls

In the event that you need to jiggle your hose as you take it out of the kitchen sink sprayer, there is a big possibility that it catches on your shutoff valve. Cover the pipes and the handles of the shutoff with half an inch foam pipe insulation. You can also tape it. This costs just around $3.

Expanding Foam To Deaden Sounds

If you have a kitchen sink with 2 stainless steel sink basins, fill the space between them with the use of expanding foam. This will deaden vibration and lessen that horrible gong effect. While you can do it when the sink is installed, it is a lot easier before you install it. Trim away everything in excess and you will love how quiet the sink becomes.

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Find Hidden Pipes With Magnets

If you have pipes located under your floor, it is quite difficult to locate them, especially if you were not there when they were installed. In order to avoid having to make too many holes in your floor, use a rare earth magnet (neodymium) to electrical fish tape. Feed it inside your drain line through cleanout plugs. An ordinary compass can then be used to locate the pipe and the magnet as it will go wild as it is around the strong magnet.

Use A Bucket To Flush A Toilet

This is handy during renovations. Instead of running to your neighbor whenever you need to go to the bathroom, full buckets with water. Buckets of 2 gallons are enough. Flush your toilet by simply dumping water inside the bowl. It works exactly as you would flush a regular toilet. It just does not refill bowls.

Take Pictures Before You Close Walls

This is simple and almost nobody does it. When you undergo a larger remodeling project, it is a very good idea to take a picture of what is inside your wall. This is also true for ceilings and floors. The next time you repair something in your home or remodel, you will know exactly where plumbing and electrical lines are located.

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When You Need A Plumber

No matter what you do, sooner or later, you will need the services of a plumbing company. If this is the case, it is a good idea to look for a local one that did invest in plumbing SEO. This shows you that the plumbers are serious and that they want to be known for the quality of their work. You can figure out when this is the case when you look at the top local organic search results (not the ads).

Remove Traps After Plunging Water

It is a very good idea to give the drain some plunges with toilet plungers before you will remove the sink trap. This is because it will remove most of the water out of your trap. When you finally remove your trap, the mess will be a lot less than the alternative. When you have double sinks, make sure that one drain is plugged so that air pressure is contained properly.