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More Color – An Outdoor Design Trend To Appear In 2014

There is this common belief that only the older generation actually wants to spend time outdoors. That is definitely not true and young adults, 18 to 25, definitely make the move towards outdoor areas. There are actually many that want to move away from main entertainment attractions so that they can be closer to nature. Parks and forests are not the only locations that are hugely popular right now.

In 2014 you can expect to have more thought put into outdoor design and the transformation of backyards into green relaxing spaces. For apartments, the balcony is the one that will become important and furnishing these areas will surely be a challenge since most people have no idea what to go for.

More Color

This is definitely the biggest outdoor design trend of the moment. More people are going for colored chairs and stools, modern teakwood furniture, quality swings and even sofas. The aim is to basically create a contrast with the green surrounding and not make it seem like a living room while staying focused on a feeling of freedom. This perfectly complements an easily maintainable garden and makes all guests feel better as they are surrounded by lively elements.

2013 Trends Move Towards 2014

Colors started to appear in outdoor furnishing last year but the trend is definitely getting stronger. Loud colors become necessary for the fashion oriented homeowner. Furniture manufacturers realized this and now offer many different colorful options for all people that want to emerge in this trend.

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Using colors like yellow, blue, green or purple is quite common. We have jazzy colors that are seen in chairs, sofas and basically anything that you can add to your backyard. Accessories that are pastel colored gain popularity since pale looks will add a contrast to colorful furniture, thus making everything more welcoming.

outdoor colors

Mesh Disappears

Mesh items are definitely losing popularity at the moment, as you can easily notice from the fact that manufacturers start to use other materials. We have quite a wide spectrum available ranging from cement to bamboo. Even special leather that is suitable for an outdoor environment is popular at the moment.

The trend sees a move towards vintage products and sustainability. Teak makes its comeback with a really modern interpretation. This can add an extravagant look to a rather bland environment. Manufacturer style is underlined by adding stainless steel to teak elements. We see different combinations of cool steel and warm wood. Such a combo instantly adds elegance.

2014 Backyards Are All About Recreation And Feeling Cozy

We all get used to living hectic lives. It is important to think about recreation and coziness. Most people move towards the outdoors when such a need appears. You might have already noticed many swings in backyards. Hammocks and swings are always popular but nowadays we have access to many new versions that are available. Some are actually luxurious and stylish. Focus lies on outdoor rocking chairs. They add a homely charm while the swing makes everything similar to a lounge. Comfortable cushioning and upholstery simply makes you want to step out and relax.

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Your Second Living Room

2014 is clearly showcasing a trend of having balconies and terraces designed like secondary living rooms. This is a trend that emerged a few years ago but it is stronger now than it ever was. Manufacturers focus on sofas while there are also many other elements that are especially designed for the outdoor while having a living room feel. Tangible comfort is brought in through innovative materials that are combined with cushions of the highest possible quality.

What Do You Do With Your Outdoor Area?

If you have a backyard or a garden, it is time to take advantage of the extra space. Create an area where you can relax and have people over in 2014. It is a guarantee that you and your guests will love it.