Reclaimed Materials Use For Home Improvement Project


By Adrian Cruce

Reclaimed Materials Use For Home Improvement Project

If you are planning to change some things in your house, you should consider using reclaimed materials in your home improvement project. Using reclaimed materials is not only an excellent way to save money but it allows homeowners to have unique items and decorations in their homes. There are numerous types of salvaged materials that can be used in a home improvement project including tiles, kitchen sinks, wood planks, wood doors, countertops and other things that can make a home cozier and better looking.

Reclaimed materials can add a lot of character and charm to a house however homeowners have to pay attention to not increase their home improvements costs instead of lowering them. Some reclaimed materials can appear to be bargains but they may end up being more expensive if they need many modifications.

kitchen-cabinets-reclaimed-materialsKitchen Cabinets

There are many places with reclaimed materials where you can find kitchen cabinets at a very cheap price. With a little bit of restoration and painting you can have mid-century cabinets at a very low price compared to those you can find on the market.

Kitchen Sinks

Another common purchase among those who love decorating with reclaimed materials is kitchen sinks. From industrial models to vintage designs, you can find numerous types of sinks that can look good in the kitchen. Make sure you make correct measurements before investing in a reclaimed kitchen sink to avoid making unnecessary modifications to your kitchen.

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Another home improvement project you can think of when buying reclaimed materials is making kitchen countertops. If countertops sound like a good idea, think about materials like granite or stainless steel instead of wood. They are not only more durable but also better looking than the less expansive laminate or reclaimed wood ones you can find anywhere.


Pedestal Sinks

A bathroom can look totally different if instead of the classic sink models, you install a pedestal sink. They are easy to find in places that sell reclaimed materials and they can become the focal point of your bathroom.

Wood Stairway

You can easily build a quirky wooden stairway using reclaimed materials. To give a vintage vibe to your home improvement project, think about wood distressing techniques or paint the stairs in your favorite color. You can also add carpet over the stairs if you prefer a classic wooden staircase. The options are endless but you have to make sure the wood is in good condition when you buy it.

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Light Fixtures

Reclaimed materials stores and online stores that sell reclaimed materials are great places where you can find unique light fixtures that will add personality to any room of your house.


Stained-Glass Windows

You might think that stained-glass windows are hard to find but they are some of the most popular reclaimed materials and they can be used for many home improvement projects. From a one-of-a-kind entry porch to a personalized door in the living room, stained-glass windows are amazing in home improvement projects.


Other widespread salvaged building materials that allow you to save a lot of money and add a lot of charm to your home are doors. They come in a variety of styles that can suit many home designs and they can be used for every room in the house. Tip: try to find doors with unique door knobs. They effortlessly add a lot of style to a room.