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What Recycled Kitchen Countertops Should You Consider?

The eco-friendly movement is definitely something that we love. Remodeling a kitchen is always important for any homeowner and since we do now have access to green countertops, why not take advantage of such an opportunity? Keep in mind that the greenest of all the countertops is the one that you already have in your home in the event that you are able to refurbish it. If not, here are some recycled kitchen countertops options that you may want to consider.

Pavel Ševela [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Glass Slab Recycled Kitchen Countertops

This is a great option that can replace natural stone. The huge problem with natural stone options like marble or granite is that the manufacturing process is definitely not eco-friendly. We have access to many different alternatives for stone countertops and you should seriously consider BottleStone, EnviroGlass, TorZo, Vetrazzo and Squak Mountain Stone.

Reclaimed Wood, Bamboo Or Wood – FSC Certified

These options are definitely interesting. We all know that the wood counters offer a really inviting and warm kitchen feeling. We have a natural material but we need to take into account the fact that it takes so many years for hardwood to grow back. When you use wood that is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), you can be sure that the options are great. It is a good idea to choose wood that is native where you live since transportation costs go down.

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Bamboo is a resource that is rapidly renewable so it is preferred among eco-enthusiasts. However, reclaimed wood is the best option possible. We basically refer to salvaged wood.

Paper Composites

Paper composite recycled kitchen countertops are definitely great as an alternative for laminate. We do know that laminate is cheap but making the actual material is definitely not eco-friendly. Air quality is affected. Paper composites come with the same durability and no chemicals. You basically use recycled paper in a combination with resin, thus ending up with heat and water resistant counters.

Aluminum Recycled Kitchen Countertops

This option is great instead of the countertops made out of stainless steel. The kitchen will end up looking modern. You have to find those counters with at least half of the materials used being recycled. We all know how much pollution is caused when mining metals so the recycled aluminum option is one that has to be taken into account. Strength might be lower but it is still high enough for a kitchen countertop.

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Recycled Glass Tiles

This is perfect as a replacement for ceramic tiles, which is quite a common choice for the budget conscious remodelers. The glass tiles are almost always made out of recycled materials, some even up to 100 percent. It is a lot easier to recycle glass when compared to ceramics. Do not let the material fool you since the glass tiles are a lot more durable than you may believe. They are, of course, susceptible to scratches but they are surely beautiful.