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Remodeling? Six Items You Can Buy In Any Custom Size That Will Save You Time And Money

Items off the rack aren’t always the most cost-effective choice. When you have an odd size to work with, it’s better to spend the extra money on custom equipment that will last longer and be more effective. Otherwise, you’ll wind up spending more time and money trying to make adjustments to get the stock items to fit. In addition to costing more in the end, cheap items off the rack never fit quite right or look as nice as the custom options that are available. Here are just six items that come in custom sizes and will help you save both time and money:


Window Blinds
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Window Blinds

If you want a perfect fit for window blinds, then you need to go with custom work. Pre-made vinyl blinds never fit quite right, and the DIY roller shades tend to be cheaply made. With custom window blinds, the length is perfect, and the blinds are also more durable to help you save money in the long run.


Hidden Appliances

Are you dreaming of having appliances that are camouflaged by faux cabinet covers? Before you start looking at cabinet doors and trying to determine how to make your own, just call in the professionals. Homemade covers may not stay in place, and they can even damage your appliances, but custom covers are perfect every time.

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Window Screens

There’s something about windows that make it impossible to find stock screen replacements. You can measure three times and bring home an exact dimensional match, and it still won’t move right in the track. If the screens that came with your window are missing, talk to a professional about replacements that will fit right, allowing you to keep your windows open without worrying about bugs or spiders getting inside.


Shower Curtains
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Shower Curtains

If you’ve treated yourself to a super-sized shower or you’ve taken a step back in time with a claw foot bathtub, then you need to a quality custom size shower curtain. Trying to combine curtains from the local hardware store results in unsightly gaps that let water out. Custom curtains will fit perfectly, seal properly and look nicer. If you’re worried about the cost of replacement, then choose institutional shower curtains that are more durable and made to last longer.

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Closet Organizers

You can buy stock organizers and make them work, but it won’t be the same as a custom creation. Custom closet organizers make the best use of available space and add value to the home by improving the storage areas.


Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to maximize space in the kitchen, make the investment in custom cabinets. They consume every inch, eliminate filler panels and improve the look of your kitchen. Maximizing storage space, they increase the value of your home more than stock cabinets. You will always want that extra space in the kitchen, and custom kitchen cabinets will give you the storage you need, and an impressive look.

Kitchen Cabinets
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When you’re investing in home renovations, there are times when only custom work will do. They will work better and prove to be an asset to the home. Before you try splicing curtains together or forcing an after-market screen to fit, consider calling for custom items that will fit perfectly and work properly.