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New Home Blues? Six Ways You can Make Your New House Your Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but it can also leave you feeling out-of-sorts while you get acclimated to your new environment. Here are six simple ways to personalize your home and make it feel like it’s always been yours.


Use color

Don’t limit yourself to painting wall color. Look for decorative pillows, throws, and curtains in your favorite colors. Mix patterns and colors. Hang or frame interesting scarves, handkerchiefs, or fabric swatches. Experiment with removable wall paper. Decorating in the colors you love will help you feel at ease in your home.


Contemporary Living Room
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Make More Space

Use decorative containers to create space and maximize your room’s potential. Colorful containers displayed on a shelf or bookcase can house odds and ends and help de-clutter your living space. The tops of bookshelves are a good place to display collections or a row of glass jars filled with favorite trinkets or colorful marbles. Hang painted cubbies on the wall to display photos or keepsakes. Still feeling like you’re overwhelmed with furniture and accessories? If you still find yourself feeling crowded, you may consider getting a storage unit for your extra items. Storage units can be a place to keep belongings while deciding if you want to keep the items or if you are ready to get rid of them, according to an expert from Extra Space Storage.

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Make a nest

Carve out your own special place in your home, even if that spot is part of a larger room. For instance, do you love to read but don’t have space for your own personal library or office? Make yourself a cozy reading spot. A comfortable chair or chaise, a throw for chilly evenings, an easily accessible table for your drink, and a stack of beloved books or magazines all within arm reach.


Deck the walls

Experiment with art. There’s nothing wrong with using traditional art or purchased prints, but if you are craving something more personal, consider an interesting display of personal photographs. The frames themselves can be conversation pieces. If you want a clean look, consider having your favorite photographs printed onto canvas. Frame and hang favorite artwork by your children. Commission them to create works of art for the walls – self-portraits, pictures of favorite places, or even the family pet.

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Make it smell like home

Use scent to kindle your memory. Our sense of smell can trigger happy memories of baking cookies with loved ones, holidays, or spring gardening. Love holiday baking? Consider warming your home with the scent of baked cookies or holiday spices. Use candles, scented soaps, and fresh dried herbs to evoke these memories. There’s a scent out there for everyone.


Don’t forget the outdoors

Hang a wreath of dried flowers or seasonal display on your front door. Weather permitting, plant flowers, window boxes, or place potted plants near your entrance. A small garden flag makes a nice accent. Don’t forget to put out a welcome mat. Find one that showcases your personality.


The best way to turn any place into a true home is to enhance it with the things that make you feel in your element – be it family mementos, beloved collections, or interests. A few thoughtful details can turn any space into a cozy, personal room.