By Adrian Cruce

How Carpet Sand Can Be Removed

Sand can be a huge detriment to your carpet. It not only destroys the appearance of your rug, but its fine deposits embed deeply into the carpet itself. Over time, this will build-up and cause damage to the fibers of your rug. The accumulation of sand in your carpeting is an invitation for insects and other pests. Before it gets to this stage, you need to deal with the sand in your carpet!

What can you do if you have sand deposits in your expensive carpet?

Immediate dust off


If you have an area rug that is small enough to be carried to the back yard, then do it. As soon as you suspect sand deposits, simply roll the area rug and take it outside. There, give it a good shake. Bring it back inside, and go over it with your vacuum.

Heavy agitation

carpet agitation

Before vacuuming the carpet, you should bounce up the sand which are embedded in the carpet’s fibers and weaves. Tools such as a bristle brush, rubber tipped brush, or a vacuum hose attachment will do the trick. You can also use a foam upholstery cleaner to loosen sand deposits.

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Immediate Vacuuming

carpet vacuuming

As soon as the gritty material is deposited on your carpet, grab the vacuum and start vacuuming. This will prevent deposits and destruction of your precious Persian carpet. If you leave it for later, you stand the chance of acquiring permanent deposits and stains in the carpeting. These will be much more difficult to clean down the road. Vacuums with a high airflow such as those over 100 CFMs, have proper agitation and good filtration. Some vacuum cleaners have brush attachments which need to be clipped on. they agitate as soon as the vacuum is turned on. this will help to open up the carpet’s fibers which will facilitate sand and gravel removal.

Use a dry vac or wet vac

aqua clean carpet

This is an effective technique to use to remove large clumps of sand that may have settled into your carpet. The dry/wet vac is powerful enough to suck up minute particles of sand and material, and will effectively remove sand from the deep fibers of your carpet. This device is probably more effective than a regular vacuum cleaner. Most people do not own a wet or dry vac, but you can rent these from your local electrical supply shop or grocery store.

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Use walk-off mats

walk-off mats

Place walk-off mats at entrances so that everyone entering the house will be encouraged to scrub off the sand off their shoes. An effective walk-off mat is at minimum 20ft in order to scrape or wipe off dirt or sand that is tracked in. the best mats combine moisture absorbency and scraping ability. Some mats are indoor absorbent and outdoor scrapers.

Sand and gravel deposits in an area rug can be unsightly and will destroy the integrity of your carpeting over time. Take preventative action by placing walk off mats at entrances, dusting or vacuuming the carpet regularly, and using a dry or wet vac intermittently.

Obviously, in the event that you cannot succeed, make sure to contact carpet cleaning professionals.