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Self Storage: Savior In All Situations

Since ages the self storage facilities have been giving storage solution to us at various occasions. The increase in the number of self storage companies every year is the evidence of the growing requirement of self storage in the USA and UK, probably because more and more people are expatriating to these countries. In US alone from 2000 to 2005 there has been a great boom in the number, where 3000 new facilities were built every year. If taken in aggregate the whole area of self storage facility would stand equivalent to the Manhattan Island.

People are using self storage for various purposes not just to archive their business essentials but also prefer to store their personal items as well. There are few belongings you simply can’t get rid off as they are so close to your sentiments but they are not so critical and functional at home. You have to create more space for your and renovate your home. You have to find a secure place for your valuables or you are going for long vacations and have to put your belongs in safe place. There are so many situations in which the monthly rental self storage has proven as a final destination. Let us have a detailed look on why the facts which make people run towards self storage facilities:


Buying A New Property

People have shown their acceptance towards being minimal and have de cluttered home. While you are buying or selling a new property, you would prefer buying a spacious home. Self storage helps you to keep your belongings in a save place till the time you sell your old property or buy a new one. Or if you consider that the new house does not need these cumbersome pieces of furniture and you want to get rid of them forever, then you may keep them at self storage till the time you do not find the right buyer for these items.

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Compulsive Hoarding

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This is the problem with many people who do not want to throw their old things fearing that they would need them in future. They have excessive acquisition of certain things that they might not need in future. This can create an issue with space in the family. Such items should be shortlisted and sorted. Few very crucial items that are actually functional can be kept in self storage which no longer can be stored at home.


Constructing A New Home

Construction can take few months, till that time where would you keep your belongings. They keep your stuff on monthly rental basis, so flexibility is provided if you have to extend the self storage period and also you are not in any mandatory long period contract or lease with them. There would be some storage facilities giving you an option of pre-payment discounts on storage for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.



There are some uninvited and unplanned decisions in life where you have to move out from your nest. A situation like divorce may be, or when you are leaving your parental house. At times such the decisions are very prompt and you do not have an appropriate place to move to.  The self storage can help you to keep your belonging till the time you find adequate space of our own.



Self Storage can help you if you are travelling out of the country for long time say a month or even for a whole year. You can keep your valuable in the self storage facilities. You’ll be provided with all guidance from the self storage personnel regarding the packing, choosing the right size of self storage and the quotes for the same.

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Death is as true as life; one who is alive today can die at any given time tomorrow. Person who dies is survived by relatives and his belongings. Demise of someone in the family leaves you in deep trauma. In a tough situation like this you find it little hard to resettle the belongings of the family member you have lost on- storage personnel’s shoulders and do it all for you. From removing to the storage of the deceased relative till the time you are slightly out of the melancholy to decide what to do with his belongings.


Your Kids Returning

There are times when our kids think to come back from the places where they were working, may be because thing didn’t go smoothly for them. During the times he/she might have bought few things which they do not want to throe away, and your house do not have extra space to keep them. In a case like this generally kids need a time of few months to settle back till that time you can approach self storage facilities.



There are many people like Asians and people from Middle East who have found golden opportunities to work in the cities like London. There are times when they leave the city to visit their families back at their home country. This is the time when they feel the requirement of the Storage facilities in London and Business self storage services


So there you have it some of the highlights on why people need self storage facilities. Self-storage gives you a hassle free and safe solution where you can keep cherished belongings safely and at reasonable price. You are left just with a peace of mind and relief.

By Lauren Addis