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Proper Care and Maintenance for Wooden Doors

The front doors of houses say a lot about the people who live there. Hence, in order to preserve the longevity of your front door, you need keep it clean and well maintained, especially for wooden doors which require a specific type of care. One of the biggest challenges is keeping the wooden front doors in good condition. Front doors after all, are the first to feel the brunt of changing weather.  Drastic rising or dropping of temperature can also have an adverse effect on the state of your front door, particularly for doors made out of solid wood.

Doors can be made of various materials. Wooden doors are considered to be the most popular type of door used by homeowners. Although wooden doors are more expensive than say, doors made of glass or metal, its durability and quality will remain unchanged with proper care.


Aside from being highly durable, wood is the only material used for doors which can be repaired. Glass, metal, and fiberglass doors would usually need to be replaced once there are huge dents or deep scratches made on the surface. Just follow these instructions on how to properly maintain the good condition of your wooden front door:

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1.The first thing you need to do is polish your door on a regular basis. The finish of your door will eventually get dull as time goes by due to changing weather. With the use of a clean rag and furniture polish, you can make your door look brand new. Use a wood-safe cleaner to remove any dirt marks on your door.


2. Whether you have a painted or a stained wooden front door, regular polishing is not enough to maintain its finish. It will certainly take a longer time for the finish to fade but still, it will get dull because it is susceptible to the natural elements. If this happens, you need to sand off the outside layer of your door’s finish.

Make sure to wipe every remnant off with a damp cloth then apply at least two coats of non-fading exterior polyurethane or paint. Choose one with ultraviolet inhibitor for good measure. This will help maintain the finish of your door even if it exposed to sunlight.

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3. If your wooden front door has been installed for several years already, there is a chance that the wood has expanded. This is a common problem for doors made of wood and is usually caused by water damage (exposure to strong rainfall, flood, etc.)  Excess humidity and condensation caused by snow can also cause the wood to expand over time.


If such is the case, you need to perform some woodwork. You’ll have to trim off the excess wood so that you can shut your door with ease once again. But if you’re not confident about your woodworking skills, it would be best to employ the services of a professional.


Wooden doors do not really require a lot of time and effort to maintain. They can last for years even if you don’t pay too much attention to them. Then again, you can add more years to the life of your front door if you regularly take care of it. Polishing at least twice a year can do wonders for your door.