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How to properly arrange small room in the dormitory?

You have moved into a small dormitory and now everything is everywhere and you are stuck for ideas. After a few days, you see that organizing this tiny room is going to be more work than you bargained for. You could consider taking a few things back to your parents, or selling some things. The chances are that the people who rented you the dorm room are not going to let you install shelving, so it is time to get creative.


Do not put your desk in a corner (unless you have to)

This is an age-old mistake that many students make because they think it provides more space in their room, but it does not. What you are actually doing is making more space in the center of your room. The center of your room is not a part that holds any shelves, boxes or drawers. It may look great aesthetically, but your lovely space in the middle will not help you clear the clutter clinging to your walls.

Pull your desk out of the corner, and in the corner between the wall and your desk, you can store lots of boxes down there. You can bring the boxes up the same height as the desk and rest something along the top of it and place your PC monitor on it, or use it as a home for your lamp. Alternatively, you could be brave and pile the boxes up to the ceiling. Consider putting aesthetically pleasing boxes on the other side of desk too. They will be more exposed, but it still stands as a great place to store things in plain view without it looking too ugly.


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Be willing to box things up

Where do you get the boxes to put down the side of your desk? You box up the things that you don’t need. If you don’t play your Playstation 17 (etc) on weekdays then put it in a box until the weekend. All of your completed assignments and the reams of paperwork that you have done, can be boxed up and stored. Do you not have storage space for all of your shoes in your dorm room, then pop them back into their boxes and pile them up like a shoe store in a mall. You probably only wear your favorite trainers every day anyway.

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Have a junk table or surface

This is the best friend of all young people. When you enter your dorm room, you will probably have things in your hand. These range from phones and leaflets, to coursework folders and phone numbers of some of the campus hotties. If you do not have a place to put these items then they will end up on your desk and on your bed. Create a junk surface and come to terms that the junk surface will always have something on it.


Hang things on your walls

This goes for anything from pin boards to coats and bags. If you have your coat on a chair or your bag on a surface then hang them up. If you have keys, then create a key hanger and hang them up. Take a look around your room at items that are on a surface and ask yourself if they could be hung (or tied) to a wall. Be creative, for example, could your desk lamp be hung from the wall?


Bag up your dirty washing

It is nice if you have a dirty washing hamper, but they take up so much space. Bag up your dirty clothes and store them in a cupboard or wardrobe until it is time to wash your clothes. That way you do not have to have a big ugly washing hamper taking up space in your dorm room, and you make use of the spare space in your wardrobe. This is because the bags can be piled upon whatever already takes up the floor space of your cupboards or wardrobe.


Have a junk drawer somewhere

This works in a similar way to your junk surface, but it holds all the little things that are going to clutter up your room. Having trouble finding your scissors? Put them in the junk drawer. The same goes for blue tac, cello tape, drawing pins, takeaway menus. These are all the things that you will need to use at some point, but that you don’t really feel like storing in a “special” place because they are too much trouble to organize. Make your junk drawer a top drawer, and try to have it within your desk or close to your desk.

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Put your rubbish bin near the desk

You will learn to love this tip, because you have no idea just how much junk you create whilst sat at your desk. Put the bin near you, and every tissue, every empty chips packet, and every balled up piece of junk mail can all find its way into the bin, instead of sitting on your desk like a lost turtle at the zoo.


A quick tip for the guys

If your dorm has a kitchen (shared or not) and you have that cutie visiting your place to come and “study” with you. Hide your dirty pots/pans/etc in the oven. She will never know they are in there, and have no reason to check; it will just look like you do your washing up and will not see that some of your dirty plates are 7 days old.


What’s the point

Now let’s consider the main idea of the issue presented, so-called aim of all the arrangements we make in the room. The case is the conditions and surroundings we live and work in have the direct impact on the whole range of results and achievements we receive. Nothing should disturb you. The atmosphere you are constantly in should bring you the feeling of thorough rest and revival. If you find yourself great in your room, success is sure to chase you!

All in all, it’s up to you if you want to find yourself convenient in your personal space. It seems to me that such a willing is absolutely natural. And everyone should possess it.