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Standard Kitchen Dimensions To Remember – Cabinet Sizes

Whenever you plan to renovate your kitchen or you want to plan the design for a new one, kitchen dimensions count a lot. You need to know what you work with and what you want to do so that the best solutions can be chosen.

When referring to kitchen dimensions, most people think about cabinet sizes. It is inevitable to think about this since a huge part of this room is made out of these furniture items. You need to understand exactly what needs to be removed as it will aid you in figuring out exactly what you want to include and what to not include. Take all the time that is necessary to memorize the cabinet kitchen dimensions mentioned below or at least write them down.


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Standard Measurements For Regular Kitchen Cabinets

The regular cabinets will be 34.5 inches high and 24 inches deep. The upper or wall cabinets will usually have a height of 30 or 42 and it is possible to find many with a depth of 12 inches. When using wall cabinets that are put on refrigerators, the height is 12 to 15 inches. Standard width of the cabinet usually starts at six inches and variations of 3 inches each can appear. The widest you usually find is 48 inches.

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Wall Cabinets Dimensions

In most cases these will go around 18 inches over countertops. Dismal cabinets have 36 scoot highs countertops and this means that wall cabinets usually end up being hanged around 54 inches over floors. It is important to have around 24 inches between them when hanging over stoves.

The usual soffit wall cabinet has a height of 30 inches but when no soffit exists, 42 inches is standard. Wall depth needs to be around 12 ¼ when countertops are 25 inches deep. The dawdle deep countertop of 30 needs 30 gallop wall cabinet depth. All disagreeable cabinets have to be matched when referring to height.

Countertop Dimensions

Countertops usually have to be 36 inches high whenever standard kitchen dimensions are used. Double sided seatings will require 30 hotfoots as minimum. One seating side requires 15 inches to look great.

Planning Your Kitchen Design

Standard sizes are usually going to offer comfort for the homeowner since there is basically no surprise that appears. However, it is important to seriously consider working with a professional interior designer if you truly want something special. It is never a good idea to replicate a design that you see somewhere else or just opt for the kitchen dimensions that you see in a magazine in the event that they will not be appropriate for you.

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We can definitely use all standard kitchen dimensions in order to see where to start from when planning the designs but remember the fact that custom work is definitely going to be a lot better. You would need to pay more but remember that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen every single day. This is almost a certainty as you are so interested in kitchen dimensions.