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Steam Cleaning Benefits To Be Aware Of

When it comes to cleaning upholstery or carpets, why is steam cleaning a better alternative to using cleaning products?

Consider the following:

Using steam to clean a carpet is a better alternative than using a shampoo.

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Did you know that the average person spends around 90% of their time indoors, wither in an office or at home. Therefore it becomes imperative that you minimize your exposure to harmful pollutants indoors such as cleaning agents, mould, mildew, and dirt. Although using a shampoo or other surfactants is a common technique to get rid of allergens and dirt, they aren’t always effective. They also leave behind traces of chemicals which are eventually breathed in, leading to harmful side effects. Using just hot steam to clean the carpet not only gets rid of the dirt, but the heat actually kills most pathogens in a natural albeit harmless way. With steam, there are no harmful chemicals lurking around in the home’s atmosphere, which is a great for pets and children.

Steam cleaning increases the longevity of expensive carpets and rugs.

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When most people discover a stain or dirt in their expensive Persian rug, they do a quick spot clean or vacuum. However, this only removes surface debris. A deeper cleaning is required to remove all those dust mites, dirt, pet hair, and skin particles that embed themselves deep into the carpet’s fibers. Overtime, this build up continues to occur, ultimately impacting the appearance of your carpet and or rug. Steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways to get at the dirt that is embedded deep in the fibers. Since you are not using any chemicals, you don’t have to worry about affecting the colour or design on the carpet.

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Steam cleaning is more direct versus shampoo cleaning.

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When you use a shampoo to clean your rug, it generates a lot of foam. This is necessary to loosen the dirt and stain. Unfortunately, the foam is difficult to control and may spread to areas of the rug that do not need to be cleaned. In most cases it would not matter, unless it is your rare Persian rug that you are cleaning. Steam cleaning on the other hand relies on equipment that is able to shoot hot water (steam) directly onto the area that has debris build-up. This heat directly targets mites, germs, toxins, and bacteria that may have accumulated. The level of steam is easy to control and would vary according to the material you are steam cleaning. With steam you don’t have to worry about any chemical changing the colour of the rug because there are no chemicals present! Many chemicals that promise brightening action often turn the carpet yellow or bleach it overtime.

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Steam cleaning clearly has more benefits than using a chemical shampoo.  It relies solely on heat and water to loosen dirt and kill any pathogens that might be present. The result is a clean and undisturbed carpet, without the chemical residue in the home’s atmosphere!