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By Adrian Cruce

Studies Show That Home Buyers are Looking for Energy Efficient Homes and Modern Kitchen Cabinets

It seems as though energy efficient homes are no longer an afterthought or something to strive for later down the road. Instead, we are at a point where home buyers are now actively seeking and demanding energy efficient features in their home. The 2018 survey was conducted by the Canadian Home Builders Association and also found that five out of the top 10 features that home buyers are looking for are actually related to energy efficiency.

Existing homeowners are also taking on renovation projects that will help to improve the energy efficiency in their home, bringing it up to today’s modern technology.

Along with energy efficient homes, buyers also have a modern and well-planned kitchen at the top of the list, which provides a way to actually combine a kitchen renovation with installing modern energy efficient practices and features. As far as the top features in an energy efficient complete renovation job in a kitchen go, there are a few. Much more cooking is done nowadays. People want to

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avoid unhealthy foods and cook at home to control what they eat. It is normal to want a fully functional kitchen because of that.

A Complete Gut Job of the Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are still listed as the most popular home renovation project in Canada. Not only are homeowners looking for a way to improve the look, flow, and efficiency of the space, it also adds value to the home. For those who are looking to increase the value of their home before selling it, the kitchen renovation makes good financial sense.

Now, as for a complete gut job, this typically includes brand new kitchen cabinets in any number of popular materials such wood cabinets, which are extremely popular; lacquered cabinets for the modern look; melamine cabinets, which tend to be more budget friendly; or a cabinet resurfacing if the current ones aren’t in rough shape. There are also polyester cabinets and thermoplastic cabinets, both of which are mid-range pricing.

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Also included in a gut job are flooring, new countertops, tiling/backsplash, and lighting. Granted, not every aspect will give homeowners a chance to be energy efficient, but there are ways it can be included. Lighting is a good example, plus flooring and tiling, which uses environmentally-friendly materials that have been sourced in a greener way.

Homeowners are Willing to Spend a Fair Amount on Kitchens

Because the kitchen is such an integral part of the house, homeowners also seem to be willing to go the extra mile on energy efficient measures in the space, along with the design and materials used in the room. A small kitchen can range anywhere from $14,000 for a remodel done with economy grade materials, and go all the way up to $60,000 if luxury materials and design aspects are used. It’s all about providing a more attractive, usable, and energy efficient space in the home.

Look for Energy Efficient Measures to Keep Growing

As homeowners and buyers become more and more aware of the importance of an energy efficient home and the savings it offers to the homeowner and the environment, look for the need for this type of technology to keep growing.