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What You Should not Do When You Are About to Start Home Improvement

It is not easy to do things right when you do them for the first time in your life. It is good to have your own apartment of house, but it is not enough just to build it and to furnish it once and for ever. It will require finances and time, as well as efforts to maintain and improve it, because like everything else the furniture, the installations and the painting of the walls get worn out and they have to be freshen up in certain period.


Though you may think it is very easy, in fact there are many precautions that have to be taken and many rules for what you should not do when initiating a renovation. See few of them below and make the process easy and safe for you and your family.


–            Whatever you do always put the safety of you, your family and the construction workers before everything else. It will worth the time to make your work secure and it will make you feel very well later when you see how good it all went and how many problems you have avoided. The overloading of the electricity is one of the most common mistakes. Cables and switches all over the place, on which you will step or can spill water or anything else, is very bad idea for the process of the renovation. Do not turn off the breakers in no case, this may save your life and the life of the other people in the house.

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–            Be very careful when you are hiring construction workers or pros to help you with the renovation of your home. Do not let people mislead you and ask for certificates and qualifications. You should not trust on friends that once did it, but they are not quite sure about it.

–            Painting of the walls is one moment, which requires special attention. And if you do things badly, it will be visible and you will not be able to cover it. When you do not want to have further problems with the painting of your wall, it is good idea to put a layer of primer first. It will seal the surface and make the top layer more durable.

–            It is very good idea to combine the renovation with the installation of energy-efficient heating and cooling system. You should not forget to do that, in case you want to spend your money wise and not to throw them from the window for unreasonably high bills.

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–            When you are going for huge renovation and want to add small buildings to your property, do not do it without being sure that you have all the papers necessary for that. The fees you will be forced to pay for not following the low will spoil the joy from the renovations.