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The Pros and Cons of Heat Ventilation Systems for Offices

Ventilation is a major component of most offices and you may be considering the different options available. You could go for a traditional system, but you might also be intrigued by mechanical heat ventilation systems. That’s understandable with all the purported benefits they have. However, while they do have a lot of benefits, they aren’t perfect, and you need to have a clear view of their drawbacks as well. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of heat ventilation systems for offices.

Instant Cost Savings

One of the biggest positives about MVHR systems is how much energy and money you can save by using them in your office. You could slash a third of your energy costs just by making the switch. This is because these systems use the heat generated by your heating to heat cold air coming in instead of constantly trying to keep the heat levels up.

This not only means that you’ll be able to consume less energy, but you’ll be able to better preserve your heating system as well. Note that you’ll also get benefits in the summer. Air that is cooled by your AC will also be used to cool hot air being pulled in, so you’ll get savings all year long.

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Not Suitable for All Buildings

Depending on the age, state, or construction of your building, you may not be able to use an MVHR system. These systems require intricate ducting, and if the building’s structure doesn’t allow for it, you can’t use them. But the most important factor is air-tightness. If the building doesn’t meet certain standards, you won’t be able to use them. So, if you have concerns or the building is older, you may have to conduct an airtightness inspection.

Easy to Maintain

Another thing you’ll love about these units is how cheap and easy they are to maintain. Components can be easily found online through suppliers. Finding a good contractor for repairs is also very easy with the sheer number of professionals in this sector. When we consider the energy savings that you’ll make, you’ll be able to recuperate the cost of your MVHR system very fast.

Can be Costly to Install

While it is true that these units are easy to maintain and that you can expect to get a return on your investment, installation can be costly. Many factors can influence the price. It could be the system that you’re using or the supplier. The configuration of your building could also make a difference.

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This is why you need to run a cost-benefit analysis on installing one of these systems and get a detailed quote from multiple suppliers as well. Then interview them to ask more in-depth questions and see if they’re the right ones for the job. Also, do your research on various units and see how much they vary in price.


These are some of the biggest pros and cons of MVHR systems for offices. We strongly suggest that you do more research on these units and don’t hesitate to ask others for recommendations.