Tips For Finding Great Secondhand Furniture


By Adrian Cruce

Tips For Finding Great Secondhand Furniture

As we look for great secondhand furniture we already know many places to visit but there are so many that it is easy to overlook some. If you are interested in some cheap furniture, you will most likely go to IKEA but if you want secondhand furniture, you seriously want to consider the following often overlooked options.

Estate Sales

Obviously, what you find will vary from one estate to the next. However, it is possible to find various gems, like a midcentury bedroom set or really strong wood tables. Estate sales are generally really cheap, especially when you look at the antiques. Some estate sale listings are going to be found on Craigslist but they can pop up literally everywhere. If you participate in such an event, make sure that you get there early with cash on hand so that you can take advantage of the very best possible deals. When the sale is multi-day, it is the second day that will offer most of the bargains.

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Salvage Or Resale Stores

Habitat ReStore is most likely the best known store that sells used and new furnishings, building materials and appliances, among many others. It is possible to find various high-end items that are popular in the modern home at a fraction of the price. Salvage stores basically tend to focus on specific item categories like estate sales leftovers or architectural elements. Price may be high in some cases but not always.

Large Thrift Store Chains

Most of the thrift stores have some deals but they are generally not that impressive or the number of great deals available is highly limited. This is why you do want to consider the larger thrift store chains first like Salvation Army or Goodwill. They tend to process thousands of items every single day. While prices are a little higher than with the smaller thrift stores, the deals are definitely great. However, you should not dismiss the local community based or church based thrift store. The hours are normally not so convenient but you can find really cheap items.

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Yard Sales

This is surely something that you already considered so we will not talk too much about it. In a yard sale it is common to find great furniture at really low prices since homeowners do not really know the current value of the items they sell. You can even get more information from the owner so your buying decision would be better informed.

Craigslist’s Free Section

People think that they normally just find old treadmills or firewood here but that is not always the case. In many situations you can find incredible gems. Often look at them and set up curb alerts. Occasionally owners are going to offer high-end items simply because they are moving and do not want to lug everything with them. The problem is that you will have competition since others will check the section. You want to be sure that you act and decide fast when you find something you love.