Tips for Saving Money On A New Fitted Kitchen


By Home master

Tips for Saving Money On A New Fitted Kitchen

Whether you want to increase your house value or you want to improve the way you live, a fitted kitchen is a must in any person’s house who spends quality time at home.

A delicate problem that many people confront with when renovating a house or an apartment in the budget. At first, the expenses are higher than the available budget and things become complicated. Fortunately, there is a solution to any problem, you just need to find out what that solution is.

The first thing you need to do is the plan. How the layout of the kitchen is laid out will affect how easy it is to use it for years so it’s important to get it right. If you already made the plan and you came to the conclusion that you don’t have the right amount of money, you can always re-think the entire project. It’s important to think of it as a challenge and not as a problem.

One way to save money is to drop the idea of buying the entire furniture from a single store. You can buy individual pieces from different sources. It may seem hard at first, buy I assure you that you will find furniture that matches and gives your kitchen an interesting look. An advantage from buying different pieces also consists in the fact that you can purchase the parts that you consider to be practical. For example, you can buy cheap shelves from no name stores and combine them with chests from your favourite stores. The kitchen island can also be made from pieces. This way your costs can be reduced by 50% and have a kitchen the way you wanted.

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Another economical idea are the lightning sources. You can buy a cheap lustre and paint it the colour you want. It gives an interesting look and it’s also cheaper to adapt.

When it comes to appliances, you will notice that the metallic look is always more expensive than the white ones. Even though they are just as good and have the same properties, white appliances will be cheaper. A kitchen can look just as good with white refrigerator, oven, microwave and so on if you know to combine all of the elements in a pleasant way.

If you need new cabinets, a good idea would be to buy ready-to-assemble furniture (RTA), because they are half the price and just as good. You don’t need to pay for the work if you can do it by yourself. Or, you can keep the old cabinets and resurface them. It’s amazing how colours can change a kitchen and a few coats can give life to a once-drab space.

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Accessorize your kitchen with low budget accessories. Don’t forget about the curtains. A new kitchen curtain in colours of the room will give a feeling of comfort. If you need more privacy, you can make your own curtain from textile materials with prints or geometrical patterns.

In the end, lets take a look at a quality kitchen versus a cheap one. A quality kitchen may last longer, but most kitchens are replaced after 10 years because they are out of fashion. Usually people change their kitchens just because they got bored and want something new, not because the kitchen itself can no longer fulfil their needs. If we try to analyze the kitchen furniture, we’ll see that they are only cupboards with doors on. Nothing else. What actually matters are the door hinges and drawers. They are the weak points. You can find perfectly good and durable kitchens at a low budget nowadays.