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By Adrian Cruce

Top 5 Reasons to Go Organic in the Kitchen

While you may think that organic foods are just another sales gimmick in grocery and health food stores, it’s time to think again. There are several reasons why every family should consider going organic in the kitchen and even though some fresh foods may cost a bit more if organically sourced, the little difference in cost is well worth it. Here are just 5 reasons you may want to consider only organic foods.

1. Avoidance of Chemical Fertilizers & Pesticide

For years the federal government has known the dangers of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, yet they have taken few off the market. If you are buying organic foods, you can be assured that strict production practices are in place and that your family won’t be eating foods grown or raised with chemicals known to be the cause of anything from cancer to birth defects.

2. Additional Nutrients

Believe it or not, organic foods really do contain more nutrients than those grown in largescale commercial farms. One publication by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine compared the findings of over 40 studies and the conclusion was enlightening, to say the least. Foods grown organically without the use of chemical fertilizers were simply more nutritious. Organic means of amending soil meant a greater amount of nutrients.

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3. No GMO

Here is a hot topic and one which has activists up in arms. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) have not been in use long enough for any long-term studies to guarantee their safety. No one knows for sure what the long-lasting damage will do to humans, animals and the ecosystem as well, but the one thing we do know is that GMOs are killing the bee population and that is devastating to the pollination of crops. What other necessary components of the ecosystem are they harming?

4. The Dangers of Antibiotics and Hormones in Meat and Poultry

Then there are organicmeats and poultry which should be a staple in every kitchen around the world. Ifyou aren’t aware of the harmful effects of eating livestock and poultry treatedwith hormones and antibiotics, it is recommended that you read the studiesconducted over the past few decades. Even lunchmeats like salame should be made with organically sourced cattle, somake this an important focus if you want to avoid the problems treated meatscan cause to your health and the health of your family.

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5. Protect the Environment

Another huge issue isthe fact that the use of such things as chemical fertilizers and pesticides areendangering the environment. Not only are they hazardous to humans but to animalsand plant life of all kinds. Compare this for a moment to the disposal ofsynthetic materials that we know are not biodegradable. The same holds true forthose chemicals that are running off into our streams, rivers, lakes andoceans. What harm are they doing to the ecosystems living there? We do not save food and we harm the environment.

Every kitchen really should consider going organic and perhaps there will come a time when the government will finally see the light. Consumers are tired of being fed lies and unhealthy foods. Make a stand today for a brighter and healthier future tomorrow.