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Turkish Citizenship by Investment

A few things should be known about Turkish citizenship by investment before diving in. Getting Turkish citizenship opens up the door to many of these people to apply for not just immigrant and non-immigrant visas but for permanent residency as well. In particular, Turkey is an E-3 visa country and thus, Turkish nationals can acquire an investor visa for a period of five years after their original application. This means that anyone who becomes a resident of Turkey after that time can stay for that period without a visa but if they want to apply for a normal visa they would need one.

But why would someone wish to be able to remain in one country while still being able to live and work in another? In these modern times there are many reasons to choose a dual citizenship status such as visiting Turkey on vacation, working in the country legally, or even getting an retirement visa from your home country to live and work in turkey. Why would you choose a visa-free country over a country that requires entry via a visa? Or visa-free versus visa-based? Well these are all topics that should be researched before jumping into any decisions.


In order to understand how to get Turkish citizenship for investment program, you first have to understand what it is and how it works. If you have lived or worked in one of the 50 plus nations within the European Union for at least eighteen years, you can visit Turkey and become a permanent resident. However, this does entail that you apply to get a green card and then visit Turkey. In order to get the visa-free status that you need, you will have to file a visa request with the Department of State which can take up to a year to receive.

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This is a very important subject so it is not something that should be overlooked. Becoming a permanent resident of Turkey does require an investment of nine hundred and twenty-three thousand dollars as a fee to the government in return for becoming a permanent resident. The payment is part of the residency application process and will not be refunded if the application is denied. In order to obtain the nine hundred and sixty-three thousand dollar fee, the applicant must also complete an asset disclosure form that highlights the assets owned, their value and purpose.

This part of the investment program is one of the more controversial parts of the program, but it is also an important part. The idea behind having a currency that can be traded like a currency and can have direct purchase and sale features is quite unique and beneficial to investors who wish to be able to use their money in a number of different ways. By having a Turkish passport, investors will be able to invest in Turkey for three years or more. After this time period, the investor will have to visit Turkey once each year in order to renew his or her visa. This process is quite cumbersome and often requires the assistance of a Consular Officer on duty in the area.

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The consular officer will verify that the applicant has the proper documentation in order to legally change his or her name and gain citizenship in Turkey. This process can take four to five weeks depending on the country of residence and the time of year. Once the paperwork is completed, the investor will be able to visit turkey and begin investing immediately. Those interested in learning more about this unique investment program may visit Turkey Passport Services to review all of the details regarding this passport and the benefits of citizenship by investment.