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Skylights for Homes is the Accepted System to Brighten Up Your Time

Having just moved into your new home, you have chosen to use one of the rooms as your office as you have recently set up your own business as an accountant working from home.  Unfortunately, this room has no natural light having been portioned off many years ago by the previous owners. You decide that you would like to install some form of skylight, which would be a cheaper option than having a normal window installed and a skylight provides up to three times more light than a conventional window.


Skylights for Homes
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Seek Help from Professionals

Although you are a bit of a DIY fanatic you prefer to leave this job to the experts especially bearing in mind the installation would involve disturbing the roof structure and you would not wish to have water dripping through the ceiling!

Choosing the right company

Obviously you want two or three quotes from professional skylight installers so you go on the Internet and key into Google “skylights for homes Brisbane”. When selecting a suitable installer you should choose a business that is a member of the Skylight Industry Association Inc who provides a Code of Practice for their members to operate within.

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Know the Different Types of Skylights

There are different types of skylights to choose from, which can make things a bit confusing, but by involving a professional installer, they will explain the various types in a clear and concise manner to guide you in your selection. Let’s briefly look at the three main types:

Roof Windows are often used in lofts and can be opened, which is great in summer months as heat rises and it will help keep the loft cool when you are working up there.

Sun Tunnels tend to be used where a skylight or roof window is difficult to install. Although smaller than skylights, they are ideal for passages that are dimly lit.

Skylights not only provide natural light into a room but are also energy efficient, reducing heat loss. Skylights are produced in a variety of sizes and indeed different shapes and can either be fixed or open to allow fresh air in.  Different types of glass are available and the professional installer will explain the benefits of the various types and recommend the most appropriate glass to match your requirements.

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Having seen the benefits of installing suitable skylights in your home office you can now look at the benefit of this type of installation in other parts of your home in areas that are perhaps a little dark.

Make sure that you maintain the skylight, removing any dead leaves and cleaning on a regular basis.