By Adrian Cruce

Bathroom Design For Small Spaces – Breaking Rules With Hot Trends

When it comes to bathroom design for small spaces most homeowners think there is nothing that can be done but the truth is that there is a world of opportunity available. You can always get a brand new, fresh look, no matter how small the bathroom is.

When referring to bathroom design for small spaces, the modern trend is to rethink the way in which we think such a bathroom should look. Using sinks that defy gravity and wall-mounted toilets can be great. You no longer need cabinet doors and can use bold patterns and texture.

Breaking rules is highly recommended but what rules can be broken and what rules should not? Here are some ideas that are wonderful even in smaller bathrooms when you want a fresh design.

Reduce Bathroom Storage

There is such a huge emphasis put on storage space in a bathroom but if it is small, this should not be the case. You do not need to add more storage. You need a better minimalist attitude.

Large vanities that have really deep cabinet spaces under sinks are actually inefficiently using space. You can easily lose stuff in that cabinet. It is the scale that takes up a lot of space, making the bathroom look even smaller than it is.

Always remove clutter and items that are unnecessary. For instance, how many cosmetics, toiletries and towels do you actually need present inside the bathroom?

You want to replace clunky bathroom vanities with floating cabinets, sinks or use narrow open shelves. This makes it much less likely that you will actually clutter the bathroom in the first place. Visual space is opened up.

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Focus On Function Instead Of Storage

If you are careful with function instead of focusing on storage it is possible that you will end up being able to even add washing machines in some small bathrooms.

After you replace oversized bathroom vanities, think about what else can be replaced. For instance, you can add a nifty all-in-one dryer and washer. Vanity spaces can be created. Adding utility to small bathrooms is a great way to improve design and functionality.

Carefully Choose Finishes

Because you have a small bathroom to design, splurging on finishes is a possibility to take into account. You need less in smaller spaces. Too many homeowners believe that smaller bathrooms are not actually worth the investment. Do not make this mistake. There are many changes that you can make to make your small bathroom look a lot better. You practically want to add some luxury while using a limited budget. Some ideas to consider include:

  • Choose only high-quality accent lighting fixtures.
  • Add towel warmers that can double as towel racks.
  • Tile one stripe or the bathroom’s upper half in more expensive marble or tile.
  • Use a floating toilet style.
  • Use glass shower doors.

Use A Glass Shower Door

This idea is so good that it should be presented in its own paragraph. When you use a seamless glass shower door you get to save a lot of space in any small bathroom. It is definitely more expensive than the really common shower curtain. However, durability is higher and you end up with a lot of free space. In the event that you simply want a bathtub, you can use tub enclosure or seamless glass shower.

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Use Patterns And Textures In The Small Bathroom

So many designers will tell you that the use of busy patterns or dark colors is a very bad idea when the space available is small. Time to break this rule when you work on bathroom design for small spaces. Using strong textures and patterns can easily add play and depth. This creates an illusion of life and size.

Try To Mount As Much As Possible On Walls

Throwing away doors can be a great thing in bathroom design for small spaces. You want to float as much as possible. This includes the toilet. Walls are rarely used by homeowners in small bathrooms but you want to do the opposite. Cleaning becomes simpler because of the easy access to the floor and the entire space will look bigger. You want to know that eyes tend to analyze space and judge it based on available floor area. Maximize the wall space that is available for a cool and fresh result.

Mirrors Are Priceless In A Small Bathroom

No matter how small the bathroom is, mirrors can help create the illusion of more available space. Just remember the fact that you need to use a mirror that is properly treated in order to avoid the appearance of dark spots and to withstand moisture. In so many cases, when you add extra space to the smaller bathroom, you can add more mirrors.