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Charismatic Interior Decoration for Christmas

Spirit of Christmas is summed up by a beautiful quote by Dale Evans, “Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas”. Yes it is all about giving at Christmas; it renews the spirit of sacrifice in us. It is the chance to know, feel and remember the need and want of your loved ones. A Christmas is incomplete without creating a perfect ambiance of it at your home. Decorating your living room and kitchen with small and large decorations is what creates a perfect mood for the event.

Few suggestions for perfect interior designs and decorations for Christmas:

The idea of decorating your interior for Christmas Eve is what you plan months ahead. You pick up any idea you see fit for the decorations you would like to do on Christmas. The heart of Christmas interior decoration is the Christmas tree and the gifts around it. That is the area you have to work the most for. The placement of Christmas tree in your living room would be a best idea. With all the sitting arrangement in the room and rugs on the floor, it makes it a perfect place for the whole family to rush to after waking up and greeting each other.

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Choosing a Location

Decoration for Christmas
By Andy Rennie under CC BY-SA 2.0

Place the Christmas tree in a corner and close to the fireplace with ample space to circle around it comfortably. This will not only help you while decoration but will give you enough space for putting the gifts and floor decoration items around it.

Using a Proper Color Scheme

Red and white is the color of Christmas. If you have white or red wall color it is super. But in any case if you have other color walls, go for more white light in the decoration of the tree and the fireplace. Keep other lights dim so that white light is more prominent. Use combination of red and white candles on the fireplace, side tables and other elevated places in the living room. Keep the safety factor in mind while placing the candles.

Decorations for Your Christmas Tree

Decorate your tree mostly with the colorful traditional design but do not forget to put some decorations of the times for the young generation. These small things create a lot of excitement among the children.

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Decorating Interior through Canvas Prints

Use Christmas online canvas prints for the walls of your living room. These pictures may be of a get together you had on previous Christmases or may also be an abstract art in red or white. You can also use wall art stickers of Santa with his slate on the main wall. These stickers can be removed easily afterwards.

Use of Nature for Decorations

Use as many flower arrangement in red and white as you can. The places for the flowers would be best around the door entrance, over the fireplace, staircase leading from the living room and around the windows.