Home Security

By Adrian Cruce

Cheap And Effective Home Security Solutions

Money and time will be spent to create a home that is as nice as you want it to be. The problem is that so many forget about security. There is this belief that security systems are really expensive. This is not actually the case. The truth is that there are some really interesting opportunities that are available for you to protect your home, without you having to spend a lot of money. Let us highlight some of these opportunities right now.

Common Sense

One of the easiest ways to protect your home from an invasion is to use your common sense. There are so many out there that will leave windows or doors open. Keep in mind that even your garage door can be a gateway for someone that wants to gain access to your property.

Remember the fact that burglars will case homes before targeting them. It is very important that you are discreet before you leave on a trip and make sure that absolutely every single access point is locked.

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As an extra tip, in the event that you leave town, make sure that you make it seem as if you are still at home. For instance, cancel your newspaper subscription and make sure that you plug in home timers in order to program lights and similar things that make it seem as if you are at home.

Exterior Security Tips

Lighting stands out as being highly important for home intrusion prevention. Burglars regularly look for shadowy, dark areas. In the event that you illuminate pathways and doorways, you automatically decrease the possibility of being targeted. It does not cost a lot of money to install motion sensor lights. Try to cut trees and bushes since they can be used for people to hide. Thorny bushes and dense hedges are great when put near windows. Trim the trees that will offer access to a second floor window.

Cameras And Animals

It is a lot cheaper than you may think to install a security camera on the outside of your property. People stay focused on alarm systems but the truth is you can so easily add some cameras. It is quite obvious that 360 degree cameras are great. Even some of the fake cameras that you can buy from the local supermarket will help you to decrease the chances of being targeted.

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Besides cameras, you can so easily opt for a dog because it can help you instantly increase the security of your property. If a dog barks, security ratings increase.

Interior Protection

Having sturdy locks, windows and doors is really important. You should always consider using deadbolts and have doors that are made out of metal or solid wood. Dowels can be added to sliding glass doors or windows. Make sure that you keep your physical property safe at all times by adding interior protection. Your Social Security card and your passport have to be locked inside a safe place. Also, master passwords should never be kept next to your PC. Store documents online instead of on the hard disk.