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Roller Garage Doors – When to Choose These and WHY

Roller garage doors are comparatively new in the market and thus they have fewer users. Most people think that the only benefit that these doors provide is the effortless entry and exit from your garage. However, the fact is there are many more features of roller garage doors that make them highly suitable for use in several situations. Most of the people don’t realize these benefits until they start using these doors in their garages.

Takes Less Space for Operations

This is the most prominent benefit of roller garage doors. In the garages where the space for swinging f doors is not enough, it’s best to install these garage doors. Roller garage doors move vertically up and down, thus the whole operation is highly compact and needs less space. You can easily open the door of the garage, even if your car is parked near the door of your garage. It’s impossible to do this with a swinging garage door.


Image credit: http://www.rjgaragedoors.com.au/garage_doors_roller.aspx
Image credit: http://www.rjgaragedoors.com.au/garage_doors_roller.aspx

More Strength

Roller garage doors are packed with foam that packs all the gaps tightly and provides immense strength from the inside to the outside metal covering. This makes these doors safe for use in areas where the chances of accidental damages are higher. This stiffness and strength makes these doors more resistant to any type of security threat. As opposed to other type of garage doors that are usually broken in few strikes.

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Weather Proof

There are many problems with tilt-up doors, when it comes to their ability to protect the interiors of your garage from the weather outside. However, with roller garage doors there is a rubber seal used in the bottom and the perimeter of the door is also sealed properly. This protection not only stops the entry of water, but it helps in eliminating the chances of any pests and dust entering your garage.

More Side Space

If you face the problem of folding the wing mirrors every time you have to enter your car in the garage then roller garage doors are made for you. Most of the other garage doors use a framework for giving support to the garage door operations, but this framework take some space, which make it difficult to enter your car with wing mirror opened. However, roller garage doors don’t have any such frame that reduces the width of your garage entry.

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Better Looks

Roller garage doors are available in several colors that are suitable for use in different conditions. Therefore, you get full benefit of improving the aesthetics of your house. The types of material used for their construction further enhances their versatility.

Automatic Operations

If you want to get relief from getting outside your car every time you have to park it inside the garage, then there is no better option than roller garage doors. Their completely automatic operations makes them ideal for use by people who value their time and effort.


Roller garage doors can offer many advantages to the users, but the above mentioned uses are beneficial for all types of car owners.