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Details about different types of hinges

The marine hinges are heavy duty hinges and they are designed in such a manner that they can offer you some high quality performance in extreme working conditions. At present, you would find that these heavy hinges are used in many different sectors in the industrial projects namely the agriculture, automotive and the construction, the lighting, street furniture and also the railways sector.


According to the need, the manufacturers of hinges make use of different materials for making the hinges. There are also many other factors that work into making a heavy duty hinge a good quality one, for instance the aesthetics and the durability of the hinges. There are also many different hinges available in the market namely the precision hinges and the institutional hinges apart from the other regular ones.


The security hinges are made from the stainless steel since steel is the most popular material for the manufacturing of the hinges. Steel has the capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions and thus they are popular amongst the users. Apart from being durable, some other properties of the steel made security hinges include the resistance to corrosion, wide availability and of course the malleability. When your home is located anywhere near the salt lakes or the oceans or at any other moist and humid content areas, the steel made hinges work best for your property. This is because even though these hinges get exposed to the humid atmospheric conditions or the salt content exposure in the air, they would not get rusted.

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The copper hinges on the other hand range from the brass and bronze hinges too. They are more often than not used on the doors of the property indoors. These hinges are made from copper based alloy and have good resistant to harsh weather conditions too. These are designed in thicker scale than that of the stainless steel ones. These are the best when it comes to marine applications since they have the power to resist any kind of damages caused by the salt water. This is the reason why, the copper alloy based hinges are also better known as the marine hinges. You can also paint them with your choice of coating and use them at home for complementing the décor. There are usually four types of coatings available like the blued, japanned, copper and the galvanized.


When you want to make use of the metal hinges for your home, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right ones. Thus it is very important to consider the location where you plan to use these hinges. Always weigh the pros and cons of the different types of hinges before buying them for your home. While the aesthetic values of the hinges are important in order to match the visual appeal, it is also equally important to buy hinges that are durable and functional for a long period. Another important factor is the overall costing which you have to take care without compromising on the quality of the materials.