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7 DIY home made gifts made from woolen blankets

Summer season is about cuddling on the couch and sipping yummy hot cocoa and watching all-time favorite movies. It’s also that part of the year when creative juices can be given leverage to flow and experimentation with not so frequently used home material can be done. Woolen blankets are now mostly overridden by comforters with cotton covers so those blankets can be bought into use effectively. Gifts can be made or multi-purpose home using material can be made through it saving a hefty amount of dollars. The following 7 DIY homemade gifts can be made from woolen blankets.


Gifts made from woolen blankets

1)      Scarves, mufflers and mittens

Woolen blankets can be used in recycling it into a complete set of scarves, mufflers and mitten that match with each other and look absolutely fantastic if stitched properly. The amount of fabric that is available in a blanket is sufficient enough to cut and sew together beautiful mitten and mufflers that can be sent to grandma or to the upcoming generation in the form of niece and nephews.

2)      Blanket slippers

Another use of handmade wool blankets is woolen slippers that can be easily made. These slippers are best for using indoors or for bathroom use. The comfortable fabric that sinks in instantly is the ideal choice for women who need to sit back and relax while at home. It is also a great gift for pregnant women as swollen feet need comfort at max, and the woolen fabric is the best cushion that can be provided to it.

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woolen blankets
By 9bars under CC BY-SA 2.0


3)      Woolen frames

Picture frames that can be made through woolen cuttings are beautiful assortments that can be used for either decorating own space at home or for giving as a gift. Few cuttings of the woolen blankets can be cut into patches and assembled on wooden cutting or plastic frames of pictures. It can be further painted in abstract form and make a more creative version of photo frames.

4)      Holding bag

The woolen part of the blanket can be cut and sewn onto a cotton bag to give it more texture and volume. A completely woolen bag can also be made from the front and back with the handle of the bag in woolen only. The holding bag is a funky gift for giving off to teenage girls who can add up badges on it and customize it even more.

5)      Tyre Planter outlined with woolen

Home-made planters made through tyres can be decorated on the sides with woolen cuttings that can be framed and make the planter look attractive. For giving it as a gift, a whole tyre can be taken and converted to a planter, with a money plant or any other easily extending plant added into it and then decorated from the woolen cuttings and patch work to make it look vibrant and beautiful.

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6)      Key holder and key chains

Key holders that are placed across the entrance door or in rooms can be decorated with woolen patches. Whereas, round balls of key chains can be made for using and gifting it. The beautiful combinations of woolen rolls that form keychain are attractive and easy to find in big bags. They can be used to hang on bags and zippers as well. Kids and teens love accessorizing school bags and club bags with such material, hence it is one of the most desirable gifts for them.

7)      Table mats and centre spreads

Table mats for coffee tables and center spreads can be easily made through woolen blankets. The borders can be framed with little beads or any other extra addition to complement the room and the aura. These can be gifted along with coffee sets to add that personal touch which enhances a gift worth with personal additions.