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Interior Design Secrets Everybody Forgets

Interior design is something that many of us are interested in, not least because we want to make our homes look at stylish and attractive as possible. There are so many choices and options when it comes to interior design that it is easy to get carried away and forget the basics. However, abiding by some simple yet highly effective interior design tips, you can achieve the perfect finish no matter which room you are decorating.


Valuable interior design tips

There are a number of interior design tips that can help to ensure your design project stays on track, which in turn means you can achieve the perfect finish. Some of these include:


Make use of art work

If you are opting for pale, neutral colours for your walls, as many people do these days, spice them up with a few choice pieces of art work. Left bare, neutral walls can look pretty bland and in some cases can look a little clinical. Using artwork can help to add depth and character to your room, as well as adding a splash of colour to those walls.

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Avoid pushing furniture up against walls

When you push furniture right up against walls, you risk making a room look cold, drab, and clinical. Leave a little space between your furniture and walls, as this can add warmth and increase flow.


By Aleksey Gnilenkov under CC BY 2.0


Light up dark corners

If you have corners of your room where the light does not reach especially well, invest in a couple of small table lamps. Strategically placed lamps can help to warm up your room by adding light and warmth to those neglected corners.

Use hallway carpet as a runner 

Rather than carpeting wall to wall in narrow hallways in your home, leave space at either side of the carpet so it looks more like a runner than a carpet. This can give the illusion of greater width, opening up your hallway more.

Mix and match bulbs

If you have a lamp that comes with more than one bulb socket, consider mixing and matching bulb colours for a unique glow and unusual colour. This is a very creative way of making your room stand out.

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Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Some people get it into their heads that a well designed room is one where everything matches and looks symmetrical, colour coordinated, and matching. However, this is verging on the clinical for some designers, who prefer to combine a range of colours, designs, and textures to create relaxed, unusual, and colourful areas within the home.

Add a statement wall

In an important room such as your living room or a dining room, consider having a statement wall, which is a far bolder, more eye catching colour than the other walls in the room. This will help to draw instant attention when someone walks into the room and will break up the mundane look of four walls that all look exactly the same.


These are just some of the simple yet effective design tips that can help you to achieve the perfect finish when designing the interior of your home.

By Petar Dzhingarov