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How To Clean Upholstery – Simple Tips To Consider

It is important to learn how to properly clean your upholstery since this is not as easy as you may think. There are various furniture accidents that can happen and you do need to be 100% sure that everything is handled properly. There are various ways to do this but we are sure the tips below will help you out.

Vacuum Upholstery Before Cleaning

Vacuum Upholstery Before Cleaning

You have to vacuum upholstery before you clean it. This is because it removes dust and dirt. As upholstery gets wet, it can easily end up even dirtier if you do not vacuum first. Upholstery attachments do exist for most vacuums and can be used without a problem.

Quickly Blot Spills

Blot Spills

The fresh spill should be taken care as fast as possible since it can enter wood, the actual upholstery fabric or furniture stuffing. As soon as a spill appears, blot it with the use of a clean white cloth. Do not spread the stain and make sure that it does not settle.

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Choosing Appropriate Upholstery Cleaners

Appropriate Upholstery Cleaners

It is really important that you choose appropriate upholstery cleaners. This is done by thinking about 2 things:

  • Fabric type
  • Stain or spill type

Upholstery fabrics can be really varied like wool, linen, acetate, silk, cotton, acrylic or olefin. Blends are also quite common. We have various colors used with dying processes that vary. At the same time, upholstery age also has to be considered. If you are faced with the need to clean upholstery that is particularly valuable, you will need to talk with a professional.

Considering Spill Or Stain Types

upholstery stains

There is absolutely no cleaner out there that will work on everything. For instance, some are better for drinks while others should be considered when dealing with oil stains. What you have to do is basically realize what type of spill you have. Then, you need to look for an upholstery cleaning product that was especially designed to help clean such spills. Have patience and do read as many reviews as you can. After you get the cleaner, take a look at the manufacturer indications. Simply respect them and all should be ok.

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As soon as you figure out what upholstery cleaner type you need and can use on furniture, you have to be sure that you take the right steps, obviously. Many are tempted to use homemade cleaners, which can be quite suitable but only use them in the event that all substances sued are natural. In fact, it is a good idea to use natural cleaners at all times.