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By Adrian Cruce

How To Eliminate Home Noise Polution

Noise pollution is highly distracting and annoying. It becomes really complicated to do anything when there is too much noise around the home. Concentration simply does not exist. In most cases the problems are caused by machines, open floor plans and lightweight constructions.

Most homeowners think that it is impossible to soundproof the home. This is incorrect. In reality, there are various things that you can do and steps that you can take in order to reduce the noise in your home. Soundproofing is actually not that complicated. If you want peace and quietness, here are some things that you can do right now.

Enhancing Windows

If you want to block outside sound, the best thing that you can do is use windows that are double or triple blazed. These are really effective and include air layers that will break the sound from passing. If your home is placed in an area that is particularly noisy, make sure that you seriously consider glazing your windows. This is something that helps a lot.

Eliminating What Makes Noise

Be careful when you chose appliances. Some models have a nosy operation and they will create a lot of noise around the home. When you simply buy the models that are quiet you will see that noise reduction becomes a reality. As an example, whenever buying fridges, fans or dishwashers, look at the noise level. Also, when applications do not work well, they can make more noise.

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Using Sound Absorbing Materials

A soft surface will absorb the sound waves and the hard surface will reflect sound waves. It is a good idea to use materials that are suitable for reducing noise. As an example, when you use soft materials like acoustic ceilings and padded carpeting as you try to minimize sound, a problem can appear. Using acoustic titles or ceiling systems is normally a better idea.

Enhancing Doors

The truth is that it is a little complicated to soundproof a door. You need to start by simply sealing the edges as they will transmit sound. Also, you can opt for doors that would block sound. The best option in most cases is using solid core doors. They eliminate sound reflections you would notice with the doors that have a hollow core. You would end up paying more for the doors but the solution is definitely great.

Your Garage Door

Many homeowners forget about the garage door. Select one that has interior panels and insulation foam added. That minimizes noises. You want to remember this in the event that there are rooms that are located right above the door. Noise would end up not seeping through doors. At the same time, do not forget about maintenance.

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Check The Pipes

A pipe can rattle and chatter. It is quite common with older pipes to make noise. Simply silence them by using water hammer arrestors. If you do not know how to check the pipes and reduce the noise, talk to a plumber. That would remove the sounds that are so annoying.

Dealing With Floor Squeaks

In most cases the floor squeaks are worse during daytime. That is when a lot of traffic takes place around your home. Make sure that you fix the floors and the stairs in order to have a home that is calmer, no matter how much foot traffic exists.