By Adrian Cruce

How To Repair Sprinkler Systems

Automatic lawn irrigation systems are necessary to make sure that the lawn looks perfect. It has to be properly programmed and designed in order to offer the best irrigation. Problems can obviously appear, just as with any system out there. The really good news is that the vast majority of necessary repairs can be done by you. That would save you over $100, no matter what change you make. Here are some that are quite common and that you will be able to do alone.

Replacing Sprinkler Heads

It is definitely really easy to identify sprinklers that are broken by finding cracked or broken regions, heads that will not pop up or regions where water is sprayed improperly. You can find replacement heads online and at various home centers. Just find the same type your system uses.

Turn off your system and then dig a hole of around 2 feet around your head. Dig down right to risers and make sure you will not damage the water line. The heads can be removed by turning them counterclockwise. Remove spill dirt and then attach the new sprinkler you bought. Keep in mind that you may need a sprinkler if the head does not come off.

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Low Water Pressure Problems

Always check your backflow valves to see if they are open. Low water pressure can be quite bad and the first thing you have to do is to make sure your valves are completely opened. Make sure that you will always check them first as this is the most common problem.

The second thing that you need to see if leaks exist. Installing slip coupling is a good idea. The problem with identifying leaks is that they are usually underground. However, if you see water that is bubbling up from soil as sprinklers run, an area is wet or there is a ground depression, these are signs that leaks appear.

When a leak area is approximated, you have to start digging around your water line. Follow leak flow until you locate the crack or break. Always turn off the system when making modifications. Slip couplings can be used to repair leaks or you can cut an area to place clamps.

Sprinkler Zones Not Working Properly

In most situations, when sprinkler zones do not work we are faced with electrical problems. The watering system will be divided into zone series. The same zone is activated electrically. Solving the problem is all about changing wires and seeing if there are some electrical problems. Look at the owner’s manual for indications.

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The second thing that you have to check is the transformer. If there are zones that will not turn on, check if the system works when using manual mode. Sensors will have to be changed in the event that they do not work. When the sprinkler system will not work properly in manual positions, you need to check power controllers.


These really common sprinkler repairs are not at all difficult. However, in the event that you do not know much about the systems or are not good with your hands, you will have to hire someone to take care of the repairs for you. Make sure that you repair as soon as you notice problems since water can easily make things worse as time passes.