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Top Tips For Repurposing a Shed

If your shed has seen better days, give it an upgrade with some TLC. A little effort will turn it into an ideal studio, workspace or hideaway space.

Start by installing electricity to create the illusion of an actual room, before adding accessories like rugs, couches and other touches for an ideal retreat experience.


Most people view a shed as little more than an area to store lawnmowers and power tools, but with creative planning it can become much more. From kids playrooms to offices – there are numerous shed repurposing ideas out there that can transform an otherwise-useless shed into an enjoyable living space for the entire family.

Step one to repurposing your shed is clearing out items you are no longer using, following a general rule of if you haven’t touched an item for over one year, consider getting rid of it to free up valuable floor space that can be put to better use and make things easier to locate when they are needed.

One simple way to maximize your shed’s storage capabilities is hanging baskets on the walls. This will keep small items like screws and nails organized without taking up too much room, while you could repurpose old crates and baskets to store larger objects such as lawnmowers, bikes and tools.

Shelf shelves are an easy and cost-effective way to add additional storage space in your shed, whether used as home office or workshop. Shelving can make the room feel less disorganized and disorganized – make your shed an efficient workspace by painting bright colours onto shelves so you can easily locate what you’re searching for when needed!

An overhead loft is another effective way to increase storage space in your shed. Not only will it look fantastic, but it will help keep items off the floor and out of sight, giving the appearance of more openness in your shed. Be sure to consult a fully qualified electrician when installing one for best results.

Add comfy chairs, games tables, a TV and other relaxing amenities such as TV to create the ideal relaxing spot in your shed – you could even add a refrigerator for added luxury!


Sheds have evolved far beyond being simple boxes for lawnmowers, gardening tools and an old kid’s bicycle; today they serve a multitude of functions beyond simple storage needs. A garden shed now serves as an office or entertaining space as well as offering peace and quiet away from family home distractions – turning a shed into workspace can provide just that opportunity! Oeco Garden Rooms have provided some top tips to transforming any shed into an attractive office or workroom!

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When renovating or refurbishing a shed, paint it in light colors to give it more of an airy feeling and to help blend into its surrounding garden environment more naturally and become less of an eyesore. This also reduces any appearances of shed-like eyesores.

Install floating shelves in your she shed to save floor space and create an airy feel, making this DIY project easy and quick. Use them to store books, vases or any other decorative pieces that add character and warmth to the space.

Insulating your shed before turning it into an office or workroom can make the space more energy efficient, lower costs, keep it warm during winter and cool during summer, reduce carbon emissions, and be good for the environment.

Installing a wood burner in your shed is an economical way of warming it, creating an inviting reading nook or space to catch up on emails. Combine that with lighting and comfy cushions for an ideal reading/email space, as well as adding a coffee table – perfect for an afternoon of work or play!

Nails, screws, tacks and bolts can quickly accumulate on a workshop bench, so why not hang some jars from the wall to keep everything organized and in one place? Plus, decorate each jar to match your shed!

Installing windows in your she shed is an affordable and simple way to make it look better. Use doors with glass panels or install an insulated PVC window with glazing material like double paned paned window to minimize drafts while providing plenty of natural lighting. Or build an outdoor office from an adjacent deck; taking advantage of sunlight while staying close to nature makes an outdoor office an appealing solution.

Guest Room

For use as a guest bedroom (or even as an extra room for your children), fill your shed with plenty of pillows, throws and mattresses, along with stylish bedside lamps, good-sized mirrors and vase full of fresh flowers to make it inviting and homey.

Install blinds over any windows in your shed to block out sunlight and increase privacy, and consider installing PVC-U windows for an instant makeover that are both rot proof and let natural light in freely.

As part of your effort to make your guests feel more at home, make sure they receive a basket or tray filled with toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner, body wash, bar soap, an extra toothbrush and hairdryer. This gesture will show that you took the time to ensure they won’t run out of essentials during their stay.

Pictures of family and friends can make any space feel cozy, while artwork from travels also makes a wonderful statement. Or you could try some eye-catching wallpaper to give the shed a unique aesthetic.

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Some finishing touches can help your shed feel like an actual room: adding a rug will soften the floor while providing warmth, while adding curtains can soften up the space even more cosy. Furthermore, adding a doorbell allows guests to contact you easily should any issue arises.

Finally, paint the shed to give it life! While neutral hues tend to promote relaxation and peace of mind, bolder choices could add vibrancy. Doing this will give your shed a unique identity that welcomes visitors in and will blend better into its garden location; for example this clever shed holds garden furniture during winter and opens out into an alfresco sundowner space in summer!

Chicken House

If you want the freshest eggs on a daily basis, a chicken house or coop may be your perfect solution. Also referred to as an incubator, these structures provide safe housing for chickens or other poultry and typically feature perches, nest boxes or other features to keep birds happy and healthy. One great advantage of this shed idea is that it doesn’t require much space – even a two-story shed in your backyard could easily serve as an incubator!

The traditional chicken coop is typically constructed out of wood, although other materials can also be used. When building your house it’s important to take into account your region’s climate when designing its structure; colder areas should consider insulation to protect the chickens from frost while warmer climates could benefit from installing glass fronted windows to allow light in.

Turn an old shed into a children’s playhouse is another innovative use for an old shed, offering kids something fun to do outside instead of watching TV all day long. Paint the shed bright colors to promote cheerful atmosphere or select neutral tones for an ambient, relaxing setting – adding toys or games can further engage children’s interest!

If you don’t want to create an elaborate playhouse, an old shed can still serve as an outdoor office. To create a more professional and productive work area, it is key that the shed be decorated appropriately; photo frames add warmth to give the shed more homey appeal while plants bring freshness while providing natural decoration.

If you have a green thumb, growing plants in your shed is an easy way to help declutter it and make space more usable. Or alternatively, purchase a planter at a garden centre and fill it with soil for flowers and herbs to flourish in its care.