Moving Tips


By Adrian Cruce

Moving Tips To Avoid Most Problems That Can Appear

Moving is just like a toothache since it is very stressful and you cannot really have a great time doing everything you have to. This is particularly the case when you need to move overseas since you have to worry about so many other things that do not apply with domestic moves.

The good news is that moving does not need to be a nightmare. With proper planning, it actually becomes pretty simple.

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While there are obvious differences that can appear from one case to another, the moving checklist that you find below will do the trick for most homeowners. Go through all the advice below so that you can avoid most of the things that can go wrong during moving.

Remove Everything You Do Not Need

Usually, when you need to pack all possessions into bags, boxes, and so on, you end up feeling overwhelmed by how much you have to pack. You can make everything so much simpler by removing all the clutter and excess.

Before packing a box, take a close look at everything and remove everything that is unnecessary or unused. This allows you to pack a lot less and everything that you discard can then be sold or donated.

Create A Moving Folder

Collect all the new addresses, the purchase or rental papers, and the moving contracts. Put all of these inside a folder and focus on hard copies, with digital copies being the back up. You need this folder because there might be some questions that appear as you move. With the folder, you have all the answers. Obviously, you can also add records of payments, agreements, and even passport copies to help you.

Pack In Advance

This is something that is rarely done by people that move and it is a huge mistake not to pack in advance. In an ideal situation, you know about the move way ahead of the departure date. Usually, this is even months in advance.

Start your moving by packing all the off-season items as soon as you can, together with those items that will not be missed. Then, as time passes, pack more and more. During the final days before the move, you already have most items packed so you just have to worry about those that you use on a day-to-day basis.

Always Book Early

There is always something that you have to book when you move. This is particularly important when you move overseas or you have to deal with larger items, like with vehicle shipping. In most cases, you have to hire movers, rent some supplies, or/and have services like cleaners or painters do work on the home. In all these cases, you need to book early.

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If you wait too long and you are short on time or close to the departure date, there is a very good possibility you will need to pay higher prices. That is particularly the case during moving season.

Don’t Forget About Utilities

This is something that happens much more often than it should. Someone moves to a new destination and learns that there are no utilities available or some of the utilities are not turned on.

Always contact new utility providers in advance so you can be sure that they offer service at your new destination. Also, keep records of all of these requests in the above-mentioned moving folder.

Always Keep All Essentials With You

When referring to essentials, we mean change of clothes, toys for children, paperwork, medications, toothbrushes, and so on. Everything should be packed inside a bag or a suitcase that is kept inside the plane, cab, or truck. Basically, you need to have everything of importance on you, including essentials.

Stock Up On All Needed Supplies

Before moving, you need to stock up on all the needed supplies. This is because you do not want to have to go to the store when the moving truck is in front of your home. Make sure that you buy or order online items like adhesive bandages, box cutters, packing tape, garbage bags, paper towels, and permanent markers. When you do not use these as you move, they still remain useful after you unpack.

Rent Trucks With Loading Ramps

When you decide to handle the move yourself, it is vital that the truck you rent has a ramp. When you hire a moving company to get the work done for you, this is not important.

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Unfortunately, we see so many homeowners that simply want to save some money and they rent trucks without loading ramps. This can create a huge hassle since lifting all boxes and furniture at an appropriate height to put inside the truck can easily last hours.

Extra Packing Tips You Want To Know

The most important part of moving is packing. You need to be sure that everything you pack is secure. This is much easier said than done. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why it is usually recommended to hire a professional mover. However, you can get it done alone if you take the time to properly pack everything.

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Some very useful packing tips that will help you include:

Carefully Choose Box Sizes

The heavy items (for instance, books) should be put in smaller boxes. The lighter items, like pillows and linens, should be put in bigger boxes. This will make it so much easier for you to actually move the boxes around.

Pack So No Empty Space Remains Inside Boxes

When there are gaps inside a box, fill them with packing paper, towels, or clothing. The movers oftentimes do not move the boxes that are unbalanced or loosely packed.

Do Not Mix Items From Different Rooms

This just makes both unpacking and packing more difficult. Keep all items inside a box from the same room.

Carefully Label Boxes Based On Destined Room

You should also add a description of what is present in the box. When you do this, the movers and you know exactly where the box needs to be placed at the new destination.

As an extra really helpful tip, make a list with an inventory in your notebook or on a smartphone notes app. This allows you to track all that was packed and you are sure you have everything present when it is time to unpack.

Carefully Tape The Boxes

Always use at least 2 tape pieces to close the top and bottom seams. Then, you need to make 2 wraps around the bottom and top edges since this is where stress is highly concentrated.

Use Special Crating For Expensive Art

Paintings should never be wrapped in regular paper, especially when you move oil paintings because they stick. Talk to the movers and use crafting that was specifically created for moving fine art.

The exact same thing should be said about the items that require special treatment. For instance, experienced movers treat TV sets like furniture and carefully wrap them with quilted furniture pads.

Final Thoughts

During moving, problems can always appear. The more you prepare, the smoother the process. Make sure that you always take the necessary time to plan everything that you can. Also, if at any point in time you have doubts, the best thing you can do is to hire professionals.